Rocket League New Update: What can we expect?

Even if it is hard to believe, Rocket League has officially turned two years old. With this comes a slew of significant changes to Rocket League. Season 4 (the shortest season of them all) has come to a close and Season 5 has opened up. This brings us to the first major change, at the end of all previous seasons your rank has been reset and you had to replay all of your placement games. However, in season 5, your rank continues over from season 4. This means where you ended in season 4 is where you will begin in season 5.Another change is in season 4 you got the tier rewards for simply reaching that tear. So, if a player at any point reached Diamond, even if it was for only one game, they got the diamond rewards for Season 4. But, in season 5 a player must win 12 games against other players in that rank to unlock the season 5 rewards. This will make it much harder to gain the higher tier rewards in the upcoming season.

There was also a lot of interesting and unique additions for Season 5. These include things like different goal explosions, different engine audio and unique supersonic trails (which we knew were coming because of season 4 rewards). They also added a new field, Champions field, the overdrive crate, and Rick and Morty items into the game. Adding a new field, a new crate, and new items is no different than the previous seasons. However, goal explosions, engine audio modifications, and unique supersonic trails are all new things being added into the game. These allow players to modify their car in new and interesting ways. This also allows each goal to be unique from the next.

The two main changes crate wise was the addition of the overdrive crate and the retirement of the Champions Series crates (Champions series 1, 2 , and 3). You will no longer be able to get Champions crates from matches and instead will be able to get the new Overdrive crate. The overdrive crate has a 7 new items. However, it is the only crate to not introduce a new black market decal into the game. Instead it has introduced a new black market goal explosion. Besides the goal explosion it has 2 new trails, 1 new paint finish, 1 new exotic wheel, and 2 new import bodies. The two import bodies are the Animus GP and Centio V17.

Other things that were added during this update is a Recommended Server option to replace the all server option. This allows Rocket League to search for any servers with good ping. They have also made fixes to Starbase arc. The car presets have been changed from a max of 10 to a max of 50.

Rocket League is available on all downloads, and if you haven’t tried it yet, we highly recommend you do.

What do you think about this latest update? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Tyler Hull33 Posts

I'm the one who plays all the weird indie titles but is horrible with remembering names. Commonly found asking "Hey, did you guys play that one game that came out like a while ago with that weird character in it?".

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  • Alastair Roberts Reply

    07/07/2017 at 00:44

    I would love to test all the different goal explosions. Problem is I can’t score a goal, so I’ll just watch all of Tyler’s unique goals.

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