Will No Man’s Sky Ever Get Redemption?

With the recent update to No Man’s Sky and it bringing many of the things that players originally wanted in the game, it begs the question, can No Man’s Sky ever get redemption?

If you were to poll a random group of gamers right now asking them what they thought of No Man’s Sky, many of them would simply remember it as a flop. It will be remembered as a game that gave gamers far less than Hello Games said it would.

After No Man’s Sky’s recent update titled Atlas Rising, the game busted into the top 100 of most played games on steam list. It also made its way onto PS4’s best-selling list for a short period of time (thanks to a heavy discount). As I write this article, the game sits in the top 30 of most played games on Steam.

It also has a ‘Mostly Positive’ recent user review on Steam. However, I do not quite think this means the game has fully been redeemed.

The wrong direction

No Man’s Sky could have been a game that people loved at launch. However, because of the over commitment and under delivery by both Hello Games and Sony, the game launched to a crowd that tore it apart. If Hello Games had independently launched No Man’s Sky as an early access game and continued to update the game like it has been doing, around this part in the games life cycle, people would be loving No Man’s Sky and more people than ever would be buying it.

However, because of its poor launch and awful communication with its fans, I do not think No Man’s Sky will ever get the redemption that this game deserves.

This game had done something that few other game had been able to do before: it allowed players to travel an almost limitless space. There may not have been much to do in this space but it was interesting nevertheless.

No Man’s Sky will get its redemption when Hello Games or any other studio takes the idea and concept of No Man’s Sky and makes an epic game out of it.

Whether this be No Man’s Sky 2 or another studio who was simply inspired by the concept of No Man’s Sky, everyone will be singing their praises when they see the platform that No Man’s Sky built for another game to use.

Hello Games had done something no other game was able to do before them. They made something that was totally new and interesting.

Regardless of how badly the game launched or how bad its reputation is, Hello Games should be praised for showing other studios what can be done with a game and for trying something new in an industry full of things that look very familiar. I cannot wait to see what game spans from the ruble of No Man’s Sky.

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