Telltale Announces Sequels To THREE Franchises

Earlier today, Telltale posted a video online in which they announced sequel seasons to THREE of their acclaimed point-and-click games.  Those games were “Batman – Season Two: The Enemy Within”, “The Walking Dead: The Final Season” and “The Wolf Among Us: Season 2”.

telltale 1

In “Batman – Season Two: The Enemy Within”, you will once again take control of Bruce Wayne/Batman as he takes on The Riddler.  Characters from the first game will carry over including the mysterious John Doe – Telltale’s Proto-Joker that they have created for their unique take on Batman and his Rogue Gallery – and your decisions from the first game will carry over.

Episode One available August 8th 2017.

In “The Walking Dead: The Final Season”, you will once again take control of Clementine – who took more of a backseat role for the recent “New Frontier” season – as she continues her search for AJ, the baby from Season 2.  This will be the grand finale for the franchise that blew up back in 2012 and made Telltale the premier developer for the Point-and-Click genre.

Begin the End in 2018.

And finally, “The Wolf Among Us: Season 2” will take us back to the much-adored adaptation/prequel of Bill Willingham’s comic book series “Fables”.  In this season, Sheriff Bigby Wolf will have a new mystery to solve within the New York Streets of Fairy-tale filled Fabletown.

Start the new Chapter in 2018.

What do you think to these annoucements? Which are you most excited to play? Any series you’d like to see Telltale have a got at? Let us know!


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