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Sometimes we can’t be bothered to put the work into making a video so we commit our thoughts to text and try and pass them off as actual journalisms.

15 Rare PlayStation 3 Games (Part 2 of 3)

Here’s part 2 of my rare PS3 games list. If you haven’t read part 1, please do by clicking here. Now, let’s look at the next 5.


  1. Aquanaut’s Holiday


Aquanaut’s Holiday is a PlayStation 3 exclusive game developed by Artdlink and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. A teaser for the game, at the time titled “Aqua”, was shown at Tokyo Game Show 2007. At the end of August of 2008, a trailer for Aquanaut’s Holiday was released showcasing the game’s beautiful underwater environments. The Japanese version was released in September…

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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Announced

Street Fighter fans will be delighted to hear that Capcom has just announced a new Street Fighter Collection game. Recently revealed at the Capcum Cup 2017, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection will include 12 Street Fighter titles from the 2D era. The games will be:

  • Street Fighter
  • Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
  • Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting
  • Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
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Top 10 Street Fighter Super Combos

10 Top Street Fighter Super Combos

The mechanic is simple: a bar is slowly filled, usually by giving or receiving damage, and then flashier moves can be performed that deal more damage, give more points, and most importantly; provide inner satisfaction. These, are Super Combos! Since their first appearance on Samurai Shodown in 1993, Super Combos have become a staple in many fighting games. In Street Fighter, they have been usable since Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Though they have also been known as Super Arts and Critical Arts, we will…

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Destiny 2, Loneliness and the State of Humanity

Destiny 2 is a fantastic video game. It took Bungie a while to figure out how to give Destiny a soul beyond the constant grind for loot and Destiny 2 definitely nailed it.

Not only does it have a great main story running through it with interesting missions, it has a cast of characters that are actually enjoyable to listen to and interact with.

I do have one problem with Destiny 2 though. For such a connected experience, it can be pretty dam lonely to play.

Loneliness is an unusual feeling for someone who spends the majority of his time playing…

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Shadow of War

A simple solution to the problem of microtransactions

All the gaming world seems to be talking about right now is loot boxes and microtransactions.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War decided to destroy of all the good will the first game created by letting you spend real money to buy friendly orcs… yes, that’s a real sentence that gaming in 2017 allows you to write, and now it looks like Star Wars Battlefront 2 is going to suffer the same fate.

In fact, it seems like every time you turn your back on a game these days it starts trying to figure out new and exciting ways to get…

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Is Early Access Better than a Full Release?

If you look up early access on steam there are over 1,000 games to choose from. That is a significant amount of games that are available to play but have yet to have a full release. This list includes a large portion of games that have been in early access for a long time. Games like Rust, which have been in early access since 2013.

Lately these games have been getting a lot of heat for never having a full release or for adding DLC to a game that hasn’t even come out yet. But what if it is better for these games to stay in early access…

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Remembering Nintendo’s Gunpei Yokoi

Twenty years ago the world lost a great man: Gunpei Yokoi. Gunpei Yokoi was the designer of the original Gameboy and a key piece in Nintendo’s early success. On the 4th of October, 1997, he sadly passed away after a car accident. However, the legacy of his genius still lives on today. Besides the Gameboy he also had a number of other notable achievements, as well as helping Nintendo to become a household name.

Nearly ten years before the Gameboy, Gunpei Yokoi created the Game & Watch, which was Nintendo’s first handheld console. The Game…

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Why There Isn’t More Magical Realism In Games, And Why There Should Be

What with the brilliant TV adaptation of American Gods and an impressive return to the small rural town of Twin Peaks, this has been a great year for televised magical realism.

This has got me thinking: what about video games?

What role does the genre of magical realism have in gaming, and why isn’t there more of it? Before answering this question, however, it might be sensible to offer some form of a definition for this hazy and often contested genre.

What is Magical Realism?

Broadly speaking, magical realism is a subgenre of fantasy that refers to works of literature and films where fantastical…

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10 PlayStation 3 Games You’ve Probably Never Played But Should (Part 2)

The PlayStation 3 has a lot of games that aren’t as well appreciated as they should be. You can find my first 10 PS3 hidden gems here. After reading this, I hope you’ll find a few more games to add to your PlayStation 3 games library.

1. Nier

Nier in an action role-playing game developed by the now defunct studio Cavia and published by Square Enix. In 2010, the game was released worldwide with a few small variations being made to the Japanese versions.

Outside of Japan, the game was released…

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15 Rare PlayStation 3 Games (Part 1 of 3)

The PlayStation 3 is a relatively new console so there isn’t a lot of information regarding rare games on the system. Most of the lists I’ve found just annoyed me because they included special editions which were meant to be limited releases in the first place. So I took it upon myself to do some digging and I came up with my own list. Now, I’m not only going to list down a few rare games but I’m also going to tell you why they’re rare. I’ve also had to split this list into 3 parts as it…

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