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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Announced

Street Fighter fans will be delighted to hear that Capcom has just announced a new Street Fighter Collection game. Recently revealed at the Capcum Cup 2017, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary…

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Top 10 Street Fighter Super Combos

10 Top Street Fighter Super Combos The mechanic is simple: a bar is slowly filled, usually by giving or receiving damage, and then flashier moves can be performed that deal…

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twisted bard gaming podcast 19
Twisted Bard Gaming Podcast

Twisted Bard Gaming Podcast 19: What two franchises should go head to head in a Marvel vs Capcom style fighter?

Paddy, Alastair, Jonathan and Jordi are back and this week will be pitching their own Marvel vs Capcom fighter, where their two chosen franchises will battle it out. They also…

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Resident Evil 7 Review

Horror has truly come home. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Capcom’s latest entry in the long-running Resident Evil series, is the experience that Resident Evil fans have been waiting for since…

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Devil May Cry Retrospective

This one…this one’s a big one. Devil May Cry; ‘DMC’, the daddy of the third-person action/adventure genre. Such an effortlessly cool game; no fancy game modes where you face wave…

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To Pre-Order or Not to Pre-Order? That Is The Question

Ever since the game No Man’s Sky has come out people have been, shall we say, divided against the game (and when I say people, I mean posts I see…

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Resident Evil 7 Will Have Combat Says Producer

  Resident Evil 7 was one of the biggest announcements at E3 2016. Gamers were both shocked and ecstatic to see Resident Evil return, but this time, players would be…

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dead rising

Dead Rising 1 & 2 will officially be coming to PS4 , Xbox One, and PC

Capcom has officially announced that the original Dead Rising series — Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record will be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox…

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