Call of Duty Zombies For Idiots: Die Rise (8/17)

Slotting right back into the Zombies timeline is this map, you are left on a high-rise building in Shanghai, because what’s better than Zombies and heights? This map was literally a maze of elevators and hallways, new players would easily find themselves lost.


Additions: This challenging map did bring in some new features, the Wonder Weapon was the Sliquifier which fires purple goop at the zombies killing them with a direct hit or causing them to slip and fall. A new buildable device was introduced, the Trample Steam, this could catapult players and zombies a short distance if stepped on (if you get bored on this map why not create your own shooting gallery or clay pigeon shooting?).

A new perk was also added, the Who’s Who, which allows the player to take the form of a doppelganger once down, this doppelganger can revive your player or other players (allowing them to keep all equipment and perks) however if you bleed out whilst using Who’s Who then you take control of the Doppelganger but lose all perks and equipment (keeping only the M1911). Whilst playing as the Doppelganger all buildable parts glow, so it may be useful to make note of these locations before reviving yourself. A new zombie also appears, the Jumping Jack, these zombies are similar to the Crawler Zombies seen in previous maps, except for the fact that the Jack-asses (pun intended) can teleport short distances to jump you from all angles. There is a return of the Weapon Locker and Bank systems so that players can store their favourite weapons and transfer points over to give them an advantage on this map.

Easter Egg: Now back to what we all love, the Easter Eggs. Once again this Easter Eggs has both Maxis and Richtofen’s Path. I advise you follow the same path you took in TranZit/Green Run as these paths lead to an ending in Buried, once this ending is completed the paths will be reset and you can play all three maps completing the other Easter Egg path.


-The first few steps are shared by both the paths and both paths require 4 players.

-Note that the NAV card from TranZit is required for this (the only part done outside Die Rise)

-Build the NAV table (the 4 parts are mostly located on the roof) once built the table will always appear for the person (if they are hosting the game).

-Turn on the power

-Locate 4 golden rings/symbols on top of 4 elevators, then have all players step on them at the same time (once completed Maxis and Richtofen will speak to the players)

-Next locate 4 golden rings/symbols on the floor, these must be stepped on in a particular order which changes every game, so trial and error is the best solution for this, if you fail all the lights will go out on the rings (you must then do the elevator part again), if done successfully then the rings will remain lit.

-Next acquire any sniper rifle and shoot balls out of the mouths of the two dragon signs on the roof (easily done from the spawn point), once shot the balls will appear under each lion’s paw in the spawn room.


Richtofen’s Path-

Now shoot each ball with the Wonder Weapon (the Sliquifier) until the ball starts to spin (might be a bit hard to tell with all the purple goo just covering everything) it will take a fair few shots to get those balls spinning. Once this is done Richtofen will ask the player to make a “blood sacrifice” (from this point on only Richtofen will talk to you).

-Place 4 Trample Steams (each player will can only place one) of the 4 Golden circles that have a upper torso symbol on them (hard to describe but just find 4 circles with what look like zombie silhouettes on them) make sure each Trample Steam is facing the large Radio Tower so that they can fling Zombies toward the tower (just sit back and enjoy that). When enough zombies are flung correctly the support beams on the radio tower will light up blue and Richtofen will talk to Samuel.

-Any player needs to pick up the Galvaknuckles and that person needs to remain by the Radio Tower

– Now this is a fun step…for those who love a good bit of the old Chinese tile game Mahjong. There will be tiles hidden around the map, some have the Chinese symbol for North, South, East and West and a colour (for example the North symbol may be red). Other tiles will denote the numbers 1 to 4 (1 is a bird, 2 is two sets of three dots, 3 is three sets of three dots etc). Confused? Good because so am I. Any way once you find all 8 tiles you should be able to match the colours to get a Direction and a Number (for example if the North and One tile are Red then they are a set). Once you have all 4 sets then the player with the Galvaknuckles will have to hit the corresponding Radio Tower support beams in the order given. In the example above (North and 1 being both red) then the player will need to hit the North support beam first, followed by whatever direction is paired with the 2 tile and so on. To orientate yourself the West Beam is the closest to the Dragon Sign, South Beam faces into the Roof, East Beam is the furthest away from the Dragon, and North Beam is the one facing the broken rail.

-If all is done correctly and the Beams hit in order then the tower will light up and the Dragon signs will produce fireworks. If you couldn’t be bothered to read or find out about the previous step it can also be done by trial and error, just hit the Radio Tower beams with the Galvaknuckles until you get it right (be warned a player can only attempt this part once per round), which if my terrible Maths is correct is a possible 24 combinations and a maximum of 24 rounds to get this step right.


Dr Maxis Path

-Whoever is playing as Marlton and Misty need to pick up the balls (there is no icon showing that the player has the ball, so if you get downed check the Lion’s paw and the Dragon’s mouth to relocate the ball).

-Head into the Buddha room, it should have upside down Buddha statues on the wall. Stand in the middle of the room and kill zombies until Maxis tells the players that “Reincarnation will reveal its way forward” then you have completed this step.

-One person needs to get the Ballistic Knife from the Mystery Box and Pack-a-Punch it until it becomes the Krauss Refibulator. Go back into the Buddha room and use the Ballistic Knife to revive a downed player in the centre of the room (probably best to have Who’s Who perk to avoid the player losing any perks or weapons). If done correctly Maxis will start talking about souls being released, energy fields and the spire must be energized with fire and light. It has also been suggested that the Krauss Refibulator does not need to be used on a person but can fired into the Buddha Room.

-Now find 4 Golden Lion symbols on the floor and place 4 Trample Steams on each one (facing the radio tower), the players who have the balls must then place it on to the Trample Steam (flinging them around the map onto the other Trample Steams). Two Trample steams will face each other (creating one path) and the other two will face each other (creating a second), one ball needs to be on each path.

-Now this step is exactly the same as Richtofen’s, find the Mahjong tiles corresponding to North, South, East and West (look up images of the characters) and find the tile denoting the numbers 1 to 4 (1 is a bird, 2 is two sets of three dots, 3 is three sets of three dots etc). One player will need the Galvaknuckles. A number tile and a direction tile will share a colour. for example North and 1 are red which means you hit the North Support beam of the radio tower first. To orientate yourself the West Beam is the closest to the Dragon Sign, South Beam faces into the Roof, East Beam is the furthest away from the Dragon, and North Beam is the one facing the broken rail.

-If done correctly the Radio Tower will be hit with orange light.


The Story: Our four friends from Green Run are suddenly teleported onto a building in Shanghai by Richtofen to continue this battle to further his plan and hinder the plan of Maxis. There is a second Pylon located at this site and just like Green Run both want control of this in hopes of controlling both Pylons, for reasons. Maxis once again contacts the group through radios and TVs, whilst Richtofen continues to talk to Samuel and threatens to reveal his Zombie flesh secret unless he convinces the group to help. Richtofen is so desperate for us to succeed that he resets events if we are killed. A hidden TV message from the CDC warns that the infection from Element 115 is now airborne, those affected show signs of Short Term Memory Loss, Psychosis, Delusion, Paranoia, and Short Term Memory Loss. The message continues to suggest that those around you are possibly not who you think they are and are following their own secret agenda. Several other TV messages can be heard from other Survivors, most of whom have eaten ‘the flesh’ and are hearing the voice of Richtofen. The message from the CDC is the focus however, the symptoms described can easily be placed onto someone who hears Richtofen (and Richtofen himself displayed these symptoms). Was this the work of Maxis to cause people to think that those who could hear Richtofen were infected in order to succeed with his plan? Are the people hearing Richtofen only able to hear him because they are infected and are already become Zombies (therefore under his control)?


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