10 Games Every WiiU Owner Needs

Back in 2012 Nintendo released its first Full HD console to the world, to my surprise it was a rocky start for the company and its new shiny hardware. Was it the weak line up or the IPad Sized controller, who knows? However four years on I believe the console has really come into its own, with releases of prominent first party titles delivering exactly what the consumers wanted, highly polished, fun, imaginative video games. If there is one thing Nintendo knows how to do right it’s creating clever and unique worlds with huge amounts of fun factor, to this day I still consider myself to be a real life bowling champion, thanks Wii Sports! The WiiU is no exception, these ten games really stood out and provided me with hours of enjoyment. There is still life in Nintendo’s console yet, Devils Third not included. Sorry!

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

Its-a-me Mar… No wait. A fun Nintendo Platformer that isn’t Mario?! A Direct sequel to the Wii’s Donkey Kong Country, this warming, beautiful and occasionally hard as nails Platformer shines on the WiiU. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze stays true to form with unique bosses, stellar controls and a wondrous, nostalgic soundtrack by David Wise, Mangrove Cave Underwater theme, need I say more? Don’t be cranky go and play this Platforming Gem you won’t be disappointed.


Things are about to get real messy, but in a good way. If you have ever wanted to cover walls in ink without having to wash it off after, then this crazy, colourful shooter is for you. Surprisingly, Splatoon offers a sizeable amount of depth, you run and swim around the environment whilst fending off the opposing team’s inklings (Human/Squid Hybrid) it’s like Call of Duty in an arts and craft shop. The main goal however is covering the most ground with your team’s coloured paint, this is crucial for victory and can make each battle quite intense. Between the diverse weapons which includes a giant paint roller, very fitting, a variety of game modes and a single player campaign, this kid friendly shooter provides plenty of fun filled action with many techniques to master.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Bigger is always better as they say. A Spiritual successful to the fantastic Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenoblade Chronicles X combines a gorgeous open world with a distinctive battle system and a strong emphasis on exploring. If you thought the WiiU wasn’t capable of gorgeous visuals then please stop playing Pong and take a look, the vistas are breath-taking, the creatures are captivating and it is a world that feels lived in. This should be an essential game for any WiiU owner and anyone who is interested in huge Role Playing Games. I hope you have 1000 hours free, Ok I am exaggerating a little but this game requires a lot of time and commitment to get the most out of it, the amount of tasks and side quests can seem quite intimidating at first and the disappointing story may put people off, but stick with it and you will find something special in this WiiU Exclusive.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

In a world full of HD remakes it is hard to distinguish the good from the bad, however for Wind Waker HD its smooth sailing (Sorry). One of my favourite Zelda games since ocarina of time, Wind Waker boasts exciting, satisfying combat which feels great on the WiiU Gamepad, a wonderful original story and for those expert Zelda players out there it features a new Hero mode for an extra challenge. Not only that, the triforce hunt has been improved as well, making arguably the best Zelda game even better.

Super Smash Bros

Mega Man? Check. Little Mac? Check. Gorgeous graphics, Huge Character Roster, Wealthy amount of games modes, 8 player matches and the best competitive fighting game on WiiU? Double Check, Sign me up! Additionally If you like collectibles this beauty has enough of them to fill up Mary Poppins bag. I have no criticism for the game apart from I’m not that good at it. It’s a must have, anyone with a WiiU needs this in their library, it’s so close to being Melee. 1080p at 60fps oh yes!


Super Mario Maker

The Possibilities are endless, this is what I heard myself saying over and over as I placed a giant flying bowser into my seemingly impossible level. Creating and showing off your creations is the main focus of Mario Maker, the more you play the more you unlock. However, because the creation aspect is so simple and intuitive with the Stylus and Gamepad, making your own levels has never been easier. If you don’t like creating you can always play thousands of user created levels from creators all over the world, an endless supply of Mario what’s there not to like? Princess Peach you will have to wait this time…

Pikmin 3

Pikmin would make such cute pets don’t you think? Being a fan of Nintendo’s adventure strategy series, Pikmin 3 does not disappoint. This time you play as three main captains who are tasked on finding a new home because their own planet, Planet Koppai, is dying. Crashing down on a lush and beautiful world the inhabitants, known as the Pikmin, seem very keen to help you on your journey. You must fight and survive whilst feeling slightly intimidated by giant flowers; seriously they look massive. There are numerous types of Pikmin at your disposal including a new Rock Pikmin that destroys trickier stronger obstacles (My favourite). Not only that, but you also have to collect mouth-watering fruits such as strawberries which are known as Sunseed Berrys (So Cute), lemons which are called Face Wrinkers (So clever) and many others, this is crucial for the captains survival. All of this comes together beautifully on WiiU with stunning, natural visuals, manageable controls and addictive strategic gameplay. This should be part of your 5 a day.

Bayonetta 2

The wicked witch is back, sexier and more bad ass than ever, she even stopped to get her hair trimmed and possibly those shiny gun boots waxed. Platinum games does it again with their second installment of the flawless hack and slash series. Not only does Bayonetta 2 improve on the first game by the removal of needless QTE’s and improved pacing, it also manages to look absolutely stunning in action with impeccable combat design, breath-taking visuals, over-the-top boss battles, (Surfs up comes to mind) and a fantastic soundtrack, this all comes together to make it one of the best games available for the WiiU. Nintendo fans rejoice!

Super Mario 3D World

I know this isn’t Super Mario Galaxy 3, yes I am sad too. However I believe the loveable plumber feels right at home in this beautiful, charming platformer. Whilst Super Mario 3D World may lack the scope of the galaxy series, it certainly makes up for it with fun fresh levels and new unique Powerups. Cat Mario is Puurfect. You can also play as peach, Luigi, and toad in solo mode or with four friends, its couch gaming at its best and a heck of a lot of fun.

Mario Kart 8

You probably knew this would be on here somewhere, please don’t hit me with the blue shell. Speaking of which, there I am cruising along in first place while taking in the most vivid HD graphics I’ve ever seen in a kart racer, then BAM! My friend to the right of me ends my streak with that beloved blue item, yes I gave him the Luigi death stare. Apart from the disappointing battle mode, reusing old tracks, really Nintendo? This kart racer has it all, it’s exhilarating, polished to the inch of its life and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had in four wheels. There are also new items (the boomerang being my favourite) and arguably the best tracks in a Mario kart game, (I said arguably. please be gentle).

Other games to consider

Pokkén Tournament

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

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