Call of Duty Zombies for Idiots: The Finale, Revelations (17/17)

Revelations promises to be a thrilling conclusion of the Origins crew, this map brings all our favourites into the aether to find a conclusion to this tale of split time and parallel selves. The Apothicons have been released and with the help of our old and new friend Dr Monty we must help save the world…again. Revelations brings familiar elements and surroundings from previous maps including Nacht der Untoten, Verrückt, Kino der Toten, Shangri-La, Mob of the Dead, Buried, Origins, Shadows of Evil, Der Eisendrache and Zetsubou No Shima. So, whilst you are fleeing from a mass of Zombies you can at least die in a familiar setting, how nice of you Treyarch. There aren’t many new additions to this map, a few call-backs and some of our favourite weapons and enemies are brought from previous maps. The only new enemy is the Fury, the only way to describe it is Venom from Spiderman on crack that’s fallen into the Doom franchise. They appear with the second wave of Parasites (the special enemy for this map).

Some new weapons additions do however make their mark in this final iteration, most in the form of some entertaining Melee weapons. Similar to Gorod Krovi these weapons are obtained by completing time challenges, all are available to pick up from the Temple area in Shangri La. The weapons are; Nunchucks (5 rounds in 5 minutes), the Skull Splitter Mace (10 rounds in 13 minutes), the Buzz Cut (15 rounds in 24 minutes), and the Nightbreaker (20 rounds in 32 minutes). All these Melee weapons continue as one hit kills for about 10 rounds after obtaining them. The bath of Sorrows is a Katana type Melee weapon, it can only be obtained when the player is part way through the Easter Egg (as access to Samantha’s Room is required), in the Spawn room is a wisp on the headlight of a Truck, bring it to a Custom Mystery box (it has a candle on it) in Samantha’s Room, place the Wisp in the chest and grab the Kronorium, once this is complete head to the Temple in Shangri-La and obtain the Katana. The other new and useful weapons are the Peacekeeper, a pretty effective Assault Rifle (especially after a Pack-a-Punch). The Banshii is a useful close-quarters Shotgun for those tight corners. Finally the Rift E9 is the two-fire burst Energy Pistol, not a bad addition but after a Pack-a-Punch this bad boy has a magazine size of 68 meaning it can go all night.

For those of you who have been completed every Easter Egg and obtained the relating achievements/trophies in all the previous Black Ops III maps then you will be rewarded with two achievements/trophies on the completion of this Easter Egg. The ‘A Better Tomorrow’ achievement/trophy will unlock the RK5 pistol as a starting weapon for the player, alongside the original staring weapon. Now the main Easter Egg for Revelations follows the For The Good Of All achievement/trophy. This can be done in Solo or with friends and doesn’t need any set-up, unlike most other maps. However some helpful guides for turning on the power, finding the Keeper Protector parts and the Pack-a-Punch location

-Firstly the power needs to be on, this process is a bit more complicated than normal, so here is a brief guide to get you up and running. To get the power going you’ll need to override the Corruption Engines, there will be four located in the four main areas (in the Spawn area, just outside Verrückt area, near Mob of the Dead, and next to the Pyramid in Der Eisendrache), just open up doors to each main area and the Engines are not to difficult to find. These Engines can be found on a large circular platform, they will look like Roided up Kraken statues on a stone plinth. Using the action button activate the statues to begin a wave of Furies and Cursed Keepers. Once the wave has ended and all enemies are dead a portal doorway will open behind you leading you back at the beginning, and by that I mean back in Nacht Der Untoten. In Nacht Der Untoten follow the red cables and you will find a large generator with 4 lights (by that stage at least one should be green) completing all Corruption Engines will cause all four lights to become green and the power will be on. Each time you complete an Engine the power for that section should turn on.

-You will also need to collect the Keeper Protector parts, like most buildables there are 3 parts that can each be found in 3 different locations (totalling 9 possible locations). Each part will only be in one section; the first part, a Purple Shard, is in Der Eisendrache/Kino der Toten area, it can be found either downstairs from the Pyramid room, in the Pyramid room or on the far side of Kino Der Toten where the wall is missing and looks out into the Aether. The next part, a Flag, is in Origins/Mob of the Dead area, it can be found either next to a load of impaled soldiers, on top of the mound with all the monoliths, and next to Mule Kick in Mod of the Dead. The third part, a Skull (similar looking to the Skull of Nan Sapwe), is found in the Verrückt area, either next to Speed Cola on a shelf, from the previous location go outside and follow the stairs to the right the second location is on a Wheelchair at the top of the stairs, the final possible location is toward the back of Verrückt on another Wheelchair.

-The Pack-a-Punch is definitely in a unique location. Surprise, it’s inside the Giant Space Fish, or as some like to say the Giant Apothicon. After the power is turned on go to the main Power Board in Nacht Der Untoten and wait until the Apothicon is in front of the window, then use the Death Ray to take is down. Go down the outside staircase and enter it’s mouth, head to the back of the throat and shoot the giant yellow glowing balls to release the Pack-a-Punch.

Right lets get on with the actual Easter Egg steps.

-Outside the spawn room, floating in the Aether, should be four gravestones on two small islands (two on each). Each gravestone is inscribed with one of the Origin’s Characters, you’ll need to shoot the graves in the order that each character dies (Richtofen- 2nd grave, Dempsey- 3rd grave, Takeo- 1st grave, Nikolai- 4th grave). If done correctly the graves should light up red.

-Find a triangular blue glowing rock at the back of a Jump Pad (it is random each game). Buy/build the Keeper Protector and take it to the rock, it will then start a ritual on the rock at which point Zombies will attempt to attack the Keeper. The players must protect the Keeper for around 3 minutes until the process is finished, then the Keeper will disappear and leave behind one of three Audio Reels the player needs to collect. Place this Reel in the Audio Player in the upstairs section of Nacht Der Untoten and enjoy the story.

-Next grab yourself some Li’l Arnies, you’ll need a total of 9 so either gather points for the Mystery Box, or have other players in your game get Arnies as well. In the Apothicon there will be 9 holes where Zombies spawn from, you must throw an Arnie into each hole (just go prone and get real close). After you do this to three holes some Margwas will spawn in, this repeats until all 9 are done. When that is all completed and the last set of Margwas have been killed the Reel can be found in the middle bridge part next to some skeletons on white gross bump things. This one lives in Kino Der Toten.

-For the final Reel each player will need a Pack-a-Punched weapon, it doesn’t matter what weapon, and also at least one player will need the Apothicon Servant from the Mystery Box.

-The Apothicon servant will need to be upgraded, this can be done by locating and shooting 5 floating panels in the sky (they are pretty far away and difficult to see). These are located above the Temple in Shangri La, outside the window opposite the main Generator in Nacht Der Untoten (above the pylon and to the left of the orange light wave), in Verrückt by the Corruption Engine look left whilst facing the portal the Panel is to the right of the Green Beam, also in Verrückt near the Wunderfizz and above the Jump Pad to go to Spawn (put your back to the Pad look up and it’ll be in the sun looking thing), the last one is in Origins, go to where an Orange Beam loops downward at the edge of the map, from a lower point to the right look under the arch of the Beam and way in the distance is the panel. Once you’ve hit one of the panels it’ll be sucked into a portal. Now go Pack-a-Punch the Apothicon Servant.

-The third Reel will be obtained by collecting several Bone pieces around the map. The first can be obtained by shooting a rock above Stamin-Up in Shangri-La with the Pack-a-Punched weapon. A skull should appear, shoot the skull with the upgraded Apothicon Servant, causing the skull to disappear. Next go to Nacht Der Untoton and go upstairs and to the back right (to the right of the Red Beam), shoot the part of the collapsed roof where the Beam goes behind the rock with a Pack-a-Punched weapon, this causes a bone piece to appear, shoot it with the upgraded Apothicon Servant. For the third piece head to Spawn area and in the church, to the left of the Stain-glass window and between the red floating rocks and a monolith should be a load of small floating rocks, shoot about 60% of the way across and at the same level as the top of the first spinning red rock, shoot the bone piece with the Apothicon Servant. The fourth one is a lot easier to get, head to Origins to the left of all the impaled Soldiers look out of the map and shoot the rock on the right of the flame to find the next piece. Now head to Verrückt in the area of the Corruption Engine find the waterfall, shoot the left hand side rock at the point where the water tips over the fall to find the piece and follow the shooting instructions above. Finally go to Der Eisendrache, turn on the anti-gravity by stepping on all the pressure plates, once it’s on wall run outside of the map (the curved walls behind the blue sphere symbol), then shoot the bottom far corner of the third wall (the last wall on the left before the non curved wall), then go back with the Apothicon Servant to shoot the same area. Once all parts are collected head back to Nacht Der Untoten and find the Skeleton upstairs, shoot it with the Apothicon Servant which replaces the bones with a Female Zombie laying on the floor (it’s actually Sophia so spoilers). Shoot her with the Apothicon Servant and a Reel will be dropped, this one goes in the Audio Player on the mound in Origins.

-Head back to where the skeleton and Sophia were in Nacht Der Untoton, there will be the ghostly robot of SOPHIA in the hole in the roof. Now use each of the 4 Corruption Engine Turrets to shoot one of the two rhombus shaped 115 Rocks in the sky (once the laser hits the rock in the middle the player will be kicked off the laser). Once all lasers hit and bounce off the Rock head back to Nacht Der Untoten and SOPHIA will have materialised into a normal floating spherical robot. Follow SOPHIA into Kino Der Toten where she will rest on the Teleporter, once that is done all players must enter the Teleporter and hold the action button.

-The players should now appear in Samantha’s Room, walk over to her bed and pick up the Kronorium (the large book), which is on the end of her bed. After being teleported back to Kino Der Toten, the player must place the book on the Podium, this causes 4 blue orbs to appear and fly into the Projector Room.

-Now 4 yellow Apothicon Eggs should spawn around the map (they will spawn one at a time), the player must go round and collect each Egg. They can spawn in the following places; near the KN wallbuy on the groud, in Verrückt between 2 green vats, at one of the PRIMIS statues, on a chair near the Bowie knife wallbuy in Kino Der Toten, in the fire pit of Shangri La, Verrückt near the Wunderfizz, near the Jump Pad in Shangri La, near Generator 3 location in Origins, behind the Origins Keeper Protector, near the separation between Der Einsendrache and Kino Der Toten, on a snow pile at the top of the Buried slope, next to Quick Revive, on a barrel next to the Church in the Spawn area, inside a bucket in a forest between Der Eisendrache and Kino Der Toten, on a fallen cabinet in Nacht Der Untoten, near the Corruption Engine in Mob of the Dead.

-Place each Egg in the corner of the Green Pool section of the Apothicon, place the Egg in the Sac area with some weird stringy bits taking the Egg. Kill around 15 enemies near the Egg and it will hatch into a Gateworm. Now the player must find a Rune using the worm go around the map and use the Gateworm as a radar, it will produce a sonar beep and a controller vibration to show how close the player is to the Rune. Once the controller vibrates furiously and the beeping is constant then hold the action button, the Gateworm will appear and bring the Rune to the player. Note that the Rune locations are random, repeat this process for all four Eggs and collect the four Runes.

-Head to the Projector Room in Kino Der Toten and stand on the glowing part of the floor, this should teleport the player to a boss area. Go to the podium in the Room and hold the action button on the Kronorium book, this will open pages onto 4 random Symbols, you must either make a note, take a picture or memorise each symbol and the order they appeared. Head to the opposite side of the room, where you will see a hovering Symbol that will keep changing every few seconds. Wait until you see the symbol that correlates to the first symbol the book showed you, then hold the action button on it, repeat this process until you have gone through each symbol the book showed and selected them in the correct order.

-Once this is done the main floor will be set on fire with a growing pool of lava in the middle, a several Margwas will also spawn, kill the Margwas to continue. Then the room will turn into a void type setting, lightening will randomly strike and almost follow the player around, the Pillars of the room will also rotate blocking certain paths, once again simply kill the Margwas that spawn to continue. Next walls will pop up blocking off certain sections of the room, this can cause the player to become trapped in a small section with many enemies so be careful, once again kill the spawning Margwas to continue. The final phase is an anti-gravity phase, the floor will become red and painful to step on, however there will be circular safe areas that will keep changing, so move to these areas and kill the Margwas. Once all four stages have been completed then the Summoning Key will drop into the centre of the room and can be picked up, this will teleport the players back to the main map.

-The player who picked up the Summoning Key will still be holding it after returning to the main map. Now they will need to throw the Summoning Key at 7 items around the map that have been involved in one Easter Egg in each map.

-The first location is in Nacht Der Untoten, from the bottom of the stairs go to a hole in the wall to the left of the Portal, there should be a Truck and a red Barrel, throw the Key at the Barrel to causes a stuffed toy to appear (this barrel is used in a Musical Easter Egg for Nacht Der Untoten).

-Next head to Verrückt area to where the Corruption Engine is, facing the portal and just before the steps onto the Circular Ritual area look left to see the fabled MG42 on top of the fountain, throw the Key at that to get another object.

-Head to the Kino Der Toten area and throw the Key at the Chandelier above the podium.

-In Shangri La go to the Focusing stone and find the white orb above you next to the Keeper Statue, throw the Key at that to produce a Giant Monkey Bomb.

-In Mob of the Dead head to the bridge at the back of the Cellblock and throw the Key into the open cell, you’ll be hitting the Poster from the Easter Egg.

-Head to the Mound in origins and look out of the map on the opposite side to where you entered the Mound, to the left you will just be able to see a Gravestone on a ledge similar to a piece of the Staff (jump on the sandbags at the edge of the map for a better view). Throw the Key at the Grave to reveal the object.

-In Der Eisendrache stand behind the Corruption Engine (with the portal to your back), look up and throw the Key at the Clock Tower.

-These can be completed in any order, once the final object has been hit with the Summoning Key it will no longer return to the player.

-Head back to the Teleporter in Kino Der Toten, once all players are inside hold the action button to be transported to the Boss Room again. Now you will be faced with the Shadowman in a fight that is very similar to the Shadows of Evil Boss fight. Around the room will be several Green glowing light orbs in pedestals, go over to one of these and use the action button on place the Summoning Key in it. Now lure enemies over towards the Key, killing them near the Key will cause their souls to be collected by the Key. After the Summoning Key stops collecting souls it will be glowing and fully charged, throw the Key into SOPHIA (who will once again be in a ghostly form), she will shoot a beam at the Shadowman destroying his shield. Once his shield is down shoot the Shadowman, he will jump around a little bit but keep concentrated fire on him until he ends up in the mouth of the Apothicon Statue. Then hold the action button on the Kronorium, causing it to fire a beam at the Shadowman, killing him.

-If you fail to get him into the Apothicon’s mouth and he regains his shield then simply place the Summoning Key back into one of the Green pedestals and start again.

The Story

So here it is, the end of the story…or maybe just the end of a chapter to this novel.

Upon reaching The House we find out that Richtofen had sent the Ultimis souls to Maxis so that child versions of the crew can develop in the House. At this point Maxis calls up to Samantha and Eddie (an innocent soul child version of Richtofen) to put away their toys, shut the window and come to the Basement. So what we saw in the Origins cutscene was in fact the Children who were already in The House where the Ultimis souls arrived.

When the Primis crew arrive at The House they destroy the teleporter as to them this is their final destination and they do not need to fix any more Fractures.

Maxis unwillingly releases the Shadowman from the Summon Key after his infects Maxis’ mind causing him to release the Shadowman from the Key. The Shadowman in turn opens up a portal to the Dark Aether and releases the Apothicons. During the opening cutscene we see an Apothicon fire a meteor containing Element 115 into another dimension. This reveals that the Apothicons sent 115 to Earth and began the cycle in hopes of taking over that dimension as well as setting the events in motion for their total control.

In order to protect the Universe and The House the Primis Crew team up with Monty to defeat the Apothicons and the Shadowman. After you finally kill the Shadowman and Sophia and Maxis sacrifice themselves to save the area. The Apothicons are sent back to the Dark Aether and Monty fixes The House world. However he realises the Primis crew are not fading out of existence as they should. He discovers that the Primis crew have all consumed and carry the blood of souls that came from other dimensions that no longer exist and have been closed off. Therefore creating a paradox, which must be fixed by either sending the crew to a time and dimension they have never been before, or removing them from existence.

We find out that Monty sent the crew back to the Great war between Humans and the Apothicons, where they become Primis and the cycle begins again.

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