END OF TIMES – Chrono Trigger – Blind Playthrough – Part 6

We’re at the end of times, the point where all timelines meet.

So is Chrono Trigger the best game of all time? That’s what I keep hearing from people but I’ve never played it before so we’re gonna go on a journey and find out together how great this game really is.

Still in this futuristic world but now we have the Jet Bike Key to make the car work in Lab 32. We must get to the other side of Lba 32 to reach the time portal and head back home to our own time in hopes of stopping Lavos before he can destroy the world.

We’re gonna have beat the man, Johnny, in a race to the other side of Lab 32 in a really fun Jet Bike mini game. On the other side of Lab 32 we head into the Proto Dome and find a robot. Lucca manages to get him up and running, we name him Robo and he joins the crew.

Robo knows the gate is behind a doorway in Proto Dome but the door is powered down and must be turned back on at the factory. We work our way through the factory, collecting goodies as we go, and deciphering puzzles we get the password for the security door, XABY, and turn the power back on.

As we turn the power on, the alarms all go off and if our effort to escape Robo is attacked and thrown into the trash by his robot brothers. Thankfully we manage to fend them off and carry Robo’s body back to Lucca who is able to fix him up.

Robo agrees to come with us to try to save the world so we jump in the gate to go back home… but instead we arrive at the end of times, the place where all timelines meet.


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Edited by: https://twitter.com/Emzeeeeeee
All artwork by: https://twitter.com/Emzeeeeeee

Outro music by audionautix.com.
FX by http://www.freesfx.co.uk.


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