Call of Duty Zombies for Idiots: Zetsubou No Shima (15/17)

We move over to an isolated Island around Micronesia to continue our task of killing ourselves but different versions, time to hunt down Takeo. Many new elements make their debut in this map, from new transport methods to a host of new nightmare inducing enemies. This map is also one of the most complex maps, in my opinion, as there are certain tasks to complete that one would not simply stumble on. The new transport mechanism (as well as the Zipwire) is the Sewage Pipe, this basically flushes the player to different sections on the map, depending on which Pipe is taken. There is now a swimming mechanic (similar to Multiplayer) so you can be sure that several tasks will take place underwater.

Making their debut this map are these enemies; the Thrasher, which is a mutated zombie with glowing spores on its body, to kill them just shoot the spores. Next we have Spiders, yes Spiders, these 8-legged freaks replace Hellhounds as the special round (why Spiders? Why can’t we fight Butterflies instead?), and finally, because normal Spiders aren’t bad enough, there is a Giant Spider in the Map. There are two new traps; The Propeller Trap (using suspended plane Propellers to decapitate zombies) and the Fan Trap (blows zombies into a giant Fan). The rest of the new additions (such as the Wonder Weapons and buildables) require parts and tasks in order to obtain, so I will be going through each one individually to walk you through each step.

-First off a completely new system is introduced, this is the Seeds and Plants. The seeds are drops from Zombies and the player can hold 3 seeds at one time. Now there are 3 different types of water (Green, Blue and Purple), which grow different plants. To grow a plant all you need to do is plant a seed (all the seeds are the same) in a planting site (pretty obvious to find), then water the plant once a round for 3 consecutive rounds (each watering will use a third of your bucket). After the third round the seed will grow into one of five different plants. If you do not water the plant at all or water it once or twice then it will grow into a harvest pod (producing low level weapons or a zombie), if you water it with Green water for 3 rounds then it will grow into a Trap Plant (it creates a crawler and picks it up allowing the player unlimited time to do whatever before removing the crawler and ending the round), if watered with Blue water for three rounds then it will grow into a Reward plant (similar to the harvest pod but will mainly give power-ups and rarely 500 points), if watered with Purple Water for 3 rounds it will grow into the Attack Plant (attacks the player and zombies around it, acts as a distraction so zombies will focus on the plant not the player). If you water one spot with each type of water over the three rounds then it will spawn a Fruit Tree (eating the fruit will gift the player a free perk).


-The Power System is slightly different to what we are used to, initially you can obtain power by collecting buckets around the map (found in the Spawn area, inside both Lab A and B, and near one of the areas to collect Element 115 water) and filling them with Element 115 water and placing these buckets of water inside one of the two labs in order to generate power for that section over a brief period of time.

-The Power System can be turned on permanently however by following these steps. Firstly ensure that both Generators in each Lab is powered (be careful as the power will run out after a few minutes), go to the large Bunker Door, where you can see two cables connected above it showing red or green LED lights (if the cable is sparking with a Green light above the door then one side of the Power is on) you need both lights to be Green. Open the Bunker Door, upon opening the door kill the Zombie and Thrashers that now appear. Head inside and open the first door on the left in the room where the Pack-a-Punch is submerged. Head through the door and to the back of the room, where three green LED lights and one red LED will be seen. Go into the water in front of those lights and cut the web next to the flashing red light under the water. Doing this will cause zombies to jump into the water and your exit will be blocked (there will be air gaps above you in some places so make sure you don’t drown). Kill the zombies that drop down until your exit is cleared (you will also receive a piece of the Pack-a-Punch), head out of the water and in between the two sets of green lights (notice the red light is now green) is a switch, turn that on to gain permanent power.


-The Bucket can be upgraded into the Golden Bucket, which never runs out when it is filled with water. To upgrade the Bucket the player will need to follow these steps; firstly collect the Skull of Nan Sapwe (I will go through how to do this below). For this next step the player must have eaten a Fruit from a Fruit Tree and created every type of plant (look above for how to do this), and must go to the Purple Water room to uncover the secret poster (using the Skull’s mesmerize attack), the player must then use the Skull’s mesmerize attack on the vines under Lab B to reveal a place to put the bucket. After placing the Bucket three planting spots will appear in this area, plant a seed in each of them (this will automatically grow an Attack Plant), now train Zombies around each plant as they will eat the zombies, continue this for a while (it will take several rounds) until the plant disappear, then in the spot where you placed the Bucket a new plant will appear, harvest it to reveal the Golden Bucket. Each player will be able to collect the Bucket.

-A new buildable joins the Shield in this map, the Gas Mask, this allows players to walk through bubbles of gas that appear around the map when spores and Thrashers explode. Parts for the Gas Mask can be found in the following locations; the Hose is found on the bottom left corner of the map next to a Mystery Box location on a rock (but can be found in other locations in this part of the map), the next part is found just as you unlock the Vines to Lab B (either in front of you on a box or on some boxes under the Lab), the third piece is in the Docks area on some boxes.

-For those seeking the Shield here are the locations for the parts; On one of the Pillars under Lab A, next part is on one of several trees outside Lab B, finally the last piece is in the first room on the right (you need to unlock the door) as you enter the Bunker.


-The Skull of Nan Spawe is an important piece in this map so it is imperative that you obtain this as soon as possible (it is need for the Easter Egg and to upgrade to the Golden Bucket). The Skull has two modes attack and mesmerize, the attack mode vaporizes any Zombies in the players field of view (it has a limited reach), the mesmerize mode causes any Zombies, Thrashers and Spiders in the players field of view (note not behind the player) to become motionless until another attack is used or the player puts the Skull away. To obtain the Skull several steps need to be completed, this can be costly as it involves opening a fair number of doors, including the Bunker, so build up some points and get the permanent power on (it’s not necessary but will help). Firstly from the spawn head to the right of the map until you find an Altar with four pillars on each corner, on this Altar should be four skulls, pick up one of the skulls using the action button. There will be four Pedestals around the map (one in the starting area, one in the Propeller Trap area, one in the Bunker underneath the test subjects room, and one in the Docks area) each Pedestal will contain a symbol that corresponds to one of the skulls (the symbols randomise each game), take the Skull to the Pedestal with the corresponding symbol and place it there, I recommend finding the Pedestals first to note the Symbols so you don’t have to look everywhere for each skull. Once the Skull is placed in the Pedestal Zombies will start spawning from the ground alongside the normal Zombies in the Wave, for the Pedestals in the Bunker area Thrashers can also spawn as well as Spiders (only after the first Spider round). The Zombies from the ground will only be trying to attack the Skull and not you, so protect the Skull by killing all the Zombies, once completed the Skull will lower back into the Pedestal and the player who placed it there can pick it up and return it to the same spot in the Altar (where it will sink slightly into the Altar and have blue glowing eyes). Repeat this process for the remaining 3 Skulls in the Altar with their corresponding Pedestals around the map. Once all four skulls have been ‘cleansed’ and placed back into the Altar debris next to the Altar will clear revealing a staircase going into the ground. Head down this secret passage with all players and hold the action button on the Skull in the centre. This spawns Keepers who come from all sides of the room, kill the Keepers (who are trying to kill you) and the Skull will collect souls and power up. Once it’s fully charged any player can pick up the Skull of Nan Sapwe. It is activated similarly to the Ragnarok and Wrath of Ancients in Der Eisendrache. The Skull can also be used to discover hidden areas and items around the map, to do this just use the Mesmerize mode on the Skull and in certain places around the map symbols and ciphers can appear and in others it reveals a secret openings (some suggest that to activate this power requires the player to reveal the second half of the poster in the Purple Water Room by Mesmerizing the poster).

-The next Wonder Weapon is the KT-4, it works similarly to the Sliquifier in Die Rise and fires a green goop which causes spores to grow on any hit Zombie before exploding them, it causes the spores on the Thrasher to explode and immediately kills the spiders. There is also a charge shot that leaves the goop on the ground like a sticky, deadly puddle for Zombies to walk over and die. To build the KT-4 3 parts are needed; first part requires the player to be in Lab A with the power running and to lower the cage in the room to underneath the Lab, lure a Spider to the cage and they will be attracted to it and run inside the cage (causing the door to close), then run up into the Lab and bring the cage back up, where the Lab will extract purple goop from the Spider, collect the Purple goop. The next part requires the player to have turned the Permanent Power on, then at some point over the next few rounds a Zombies with a Green glow on it’s back will appear during the wave, kill the glowing bastard and it will drop the next part for you to pick up. Finally head into the Bunker, open the door at the far end of the Bunker, go through that room full of Green tubes with different test subjects in them, then head down stairs and open the first door on the right (a Perk Machine should be just behind the door)this room leads you into an underwater section, follow the right hand path (you know you are in the right area when everything is blue…dabadidabadie) go to the end of this section and pick up the large plant (don’t forget to use air pockets and spores to breath). Under the room with the test subjects (where you opened the door to the underwater section) is a table to build the KT-4 on.


-To Upgrade the KT-4 to the Masamune, you will need to follow these simple steps (they can be done in any order). Firstly you will need to fight the Giant Spider (the challenge is not defeating it but to in fact stay looking at a Giant Spider, gave me Nightmares for days). To get to the Giant Spider head to Lab A and past the blue water pool, there will be some spider webs on one wall, use a charge shot with the KT-4 to melt the webs, head inside and fight the Giant Spider (easiest way to kill is by shooting that arachnifreak in the face) once killed you can pull one of the fangs from the dead Spider by pressing the action button. Next head to the Altar with the four Skulls used to get the Skull of Nan Sapwe (if you haven’t got it already refer to the guide above and obtain it), on one of the Pillars will be some challenges for your character (there will one for each player) complete these three challenges that the Pillars give you. Before completing the final challenge build and collect the shield (a brief guide is found above), after the 3 challenges from the Pillar are complete remain in the circular area around the Altar and wait for the lightening to strike the ground. Once this occurs equip your shield, If done correctly the small window on the shield should have little bolts of lightening shooting across it. Head to Lab B and go to the cage (it should be inside the Lab, if not raise the cage up), melee the control for the cage with the electric shield, this will open the door to the cage so you can climb in. In single player the cage should lower on it’s own however if doing this co-op you’ll need another player to press the control panel to lower the cage. Once the cage is on the floor pick up a piece resting inside the ribcage of a skeleton propped against the wall, in single player the cage will rise automatically (so be quick) but in co-op you’ll need another player to call the cage back up. The third piece needed requires some specific items, firstly take the sewage pipe from the Test Subjects area in the Bunker towards Lab B, now this part is very quick and requires good timing, immediately after the second patch of blue water there will be a blue glowing object on the right, hold the action button to pick it up (so best to either mash or hold the button as you go through the second blue open bit). This will pick up Rainbow Water, make sure you also have a seed handy before heading down to the underwater section where you found the plant for the KT-4 (under the Test Subjects Room next to Mule Kick). Following the right path again head down to exactly where the plant was for the KT-4 and pull out the Skull of Nan Sapwe, use the Mesmerize attack on the wall opposite the spore to cause the wall to disappear. Plant the seed in the glowing blue circle behind the wall, using the Rainbow Water follow the usual procedure to watering plants once a round for 3 rounds. After the third round of watering you can now pick up the plant for your final piece, go back to where you built the KT-4 and on the next wall is another workbench similar to the one used to build the KT-4, use the action button on it and you will receive your Masamune.


Now if you haven’t already thrown your controller at the wall (please don’t throw controllers at a wall) in pure frustration after having to do all that just to start the Easter Egg (it’s not all necessary but will probably help). So without further adieu here is how to complete the Easter Egg which follows the Seed of Doubt achievement or trophy.


  • Some prerequisites for this Easter Egg are the following have the; ‘Anywhere But Here!’ GobbleGum (equip it before starting up the game), the Skull of Nan Sapwe, the KT-4 and upgrade it, the Gas Mask, the Shield, a Bucket, and a Seed. Can be done with 1-4 players
  • If you haven’t done this already, go to the Purple Water Room and Mesmerize the half poster on the wall, revealing the second half (this allows the players to remove some walls to reveal secret passages)
  • Head back towards the Bunker entrance, near the door that leads to the Anti-Aircraft position, and Mesmerize the wall next to the yellow danger sign with a electric bolt symbol on it. This will reveal a secret entrance.
  • You will find a generator which is in need of some repair so the next few steps will be finding parts to fix the generator and elevator. Use the KT-4 on some spider webs next to the Blue Water pool to reveal a cave, inside the cave will be a Giant Spider to fight (it is not necessary to kill the spider but doing so allows the player to obtain a part for the upgraded KT-4). Use your ‘Anywhere But Here!’ GobbleGum in the Cave to be transported to a secret room above Lab A. Collect a Cog part that is lying on the floor, to leave the room just walk out the hole in one of the walls to drop you next to Lab A.
  • The player will now need to plant a seed in any location and gather a bucket of Blue Water. Follow the normal watering procedure except add one more step, after each watering shoot the soil with the KT-4. So water the plant and shoot it with the KT-4 once a round for 3 rounds. When the plant grows it will be a Purple plant with Yellow spots, harvesting it should reveal an Artillery Shell (because why not). Head into the Bunker and go to the Anti-Aircraft Gun, using the action button load the Shell (there will be an audio cue to let you know it’s loaded), wait for the Cargo Plane to come over the map and line up with the Barrel, using the action button again, shoot the Cargo Plane down. If you miss then regrow the plant and try again.
  • Now the plane will explode and parts will fly around, including the part you need, so it can be in one of several locations; just outside the Bunker door, by the Meteor at Lab B, next to the staircase going to the Zipline by Lab A. The part will have a small smoke plume rising from it in case you are having trouble locating it.
  • The third part requires a similar step to one of the KT-4 upgrade parts. All players should have completed their Trials on the Pillars by the Altar with the four Skulls. This causes lightening to strike the ground every once in a while, stand on the circular platform around the Altar (having obtained the shield) and wait for the lightening to strike. Once it does equip your shield and you should see that it carries and electrical charge. Head to the Zipline at Lab A, in Co-op one player must be at the top of the Zipline at Lab A and another player must be at the bottom of it in the Docks. Melee the control box with the electrified shield at the top of the Zipline to cause it to malfunction and you to be transported onto the Zipline. Once on the Zipline wait until you are over the Wooden Docks just before the end of the Zipline, once over the Docks (in Single Player) hold back on the left thumbstick to drop off the wire, some also suggest Melee to drop, (in Co-op) once over the Docks have the player standing at the bottom of the Zipline use their electrified shield to Melee the control box to drop the player on the Zipline. If timed correctly the player should land on the Docks, an area not accessible normally, if mistimed the player can fall into a pit of death or land in the main Docks area. Once on this new area, locate the Cog part on the ground at the end of the Dock.
  • Once the third and final part is collected head back to the secret room with the Generator in the Bunker and use the action button on the Generator to place the parts. This opens up an elevator next to the secret rooms opening. Now before using the elevator make sure to have the upgraded KT-4 (the Masamune), have the Gas Masks and equip the Gas Mask. Go into the elevator and it will lower you into a new part of the map. Any player without a Gas Mask equipped will be downed once in the new area.
  • Once out of the elevator head down the corridor and use the Masamune to remove the vines blocking the path. Shooting the last vine will cause the door at the end of the corridor to open revealing a Prison Room. Inside you will notice a large Thrasher in one of the Cages with massive vines/arms coming out of the Cage. Using the Masamune shoot the vine/arm with the spore on it to start this final stage. This will cause waves of Zombie, Spiders and Thrashers to appear, whilst battling these enemies keep an eye on the Giant Thrasher in the Cage, eventually another spore will appear on one of the vines/arms, the player with the Masamune must shoot the spore to deal damage to the Giant Thrasher (doing this will drop a Max Ammo in the middle of the room). Repeat this step whilst battling to continuous wave of enemies until the Giant Thrasher is killed, once it have been defeated clear up the rest of the enemies and the final cutscene will be initiated.
  • After the cutscene where Takeo finds himself and allows himself to kill…himself? Hold on, what? Anyway once the Summoning Key has collected Takeo’s soul and the cutscene ends all players will have all the Perks and each player’s character will have blood vials attached to them (this will probably be needed in the next map).


The Story 

A new Division 9 (a Japanese offshoot of Group 935) island facility is built in the Pacific to replace the overrun and destroyed Rising Sun Facility Our crew stows away on a Japanese Group 935 vessel heading for the Pacific before being discovered and interrogated. A Japanese Officer talks with Takeo whilst holding the Summoning Key, whilst Soldiers restrain the others. The Officer is trying to gather information on the Key as Takeo claims he has been sent on this mission by the Emperor. After a large wave crashes into the ship the crew seizes the opportunity to free themselves and fight back. Using many poorly thought out killing methods the crew re-gather the Summoning Key and jump off the burning ship. Holding onto some debris in the water, they swim toward a nearby Island whilst the ship sinks.

They manage to make their way onto the island that contained a Group 935 facility. Presumably they were originally heading there on a supply ship or a ship taking Soldiers to the island.

After battling through the overrun facility and defeating mutated and experimental creatures the crew makes it into a jail room underneath the island. They fight a mutated creature which turns out to be Ultimis Takeo. After the battle Primis Takeo approaches his alternate self and they both talk about honour and their shared Samurai spirit. For an specified reason The Emperor of Japan gave orders for Ultimis Takeo to imprisoned and experimented on. This revelation changes Primis Takeo’s ideology and makes him question his love for the Emperor. With this in mind he allows Ultimis Takeo to receive mercy and die in the honourable Samurai way of Seppuku (a version of suicide). During the conversation between the two Takeos the camera cuts to Richtofen. He had previously stated to Primis Takeo that he had a message from the Emperor as Takeo would never believe the Emperor would do something like this. After Ultimis Takeo had committed Seppuku his soul is captured by the Summoning Key.

At the end of the cutscene Richtofen mentions that he must set a chain of events in motion before they can go after Nikolai. Richtofen and the crew transport to a secret Group 935 lab built under Alcatraz. This base was constructed with the help of the Illuminati (this was before Richtofen left them) and the Alcatraz guard Stanley Ferguson. This is possibly where the TranZit crew are in cryostasis or being kept for Richtofen’s future needs. Could this ‘event’ Richtofen speaks of be giving the vials of blood to the Primis crew before they can go forward?

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