Call of Duty Zombies For Idiots: Griffon Station (5/17)

In this expansive map you fluctuate between Area 51 and Griffon Station, a Nazi Moon Base. Nazi Moon Zombies anyone…Iron Sky? No?

Additions: This map brings in some new features that makes this experience out of this world. Firstly the Pressurised External Suit (PES) allows the player to enter areas that are void of Oxygen, once the power is on then the PES can be replaced by the Hacker Device (only once inside). The Hacker is almost essential for the playthrough as it rewards the player with additional points for holding onto it every round, reduces the cost of the Mystery box, provides a protective barrier around the Pack-a-Punch machine, allows the player to hack the excavator controls to help with the overall Easter Egg, separate achievements, and more. A new perk is added, Mule Kick, which allows the player to carry an additional weapon.

The Wonder Weapon for this map is the Wave Gun, a duel wielding weapon that both expands the Zombie and causes them to float away before exploding. The Quantum Entanglement Device (QED), which has a varying range of abilities, such as; spawning a weapon (can spawn almost all weapons even Wonder Weapons from previous maps) which proceed to fire in a circle, it can give the player or all players a random perk or power-up, it can explode downing all zombies in a certain radius as well as all players, it can open doors and teleport players, it can Pack-a-Punch and unPack-a-Punch players weapons, and finally can remove all points. The new Zombie is the Astronaut Zombie, which keeps appearing at random times and can take a hell of a beating.

Easter Egg:

-Linked to the Big Bang theory Achievement, requires 2-4 players.

-This all takes place in the Moon sections of the level and you’ll need all Wonder Weapons (the QED, the Wave gun and Gersch Device), whoever plays as Richtofen will need the Easter Eggs from Call of the Dead and Shangri-La as the Golden Rod is needed for this Easter Egg.

-Firstly turn on the power and go play Samantha Says (the 4 computers flashing coloured screens near the spawn area) if done correctly the screens will flash green and a verbal confirmation is given.

-The next step is to hack the switches, so grab the hacker and go down stairs (about two floors lower than the room with the hacker and MP5K) the person with the hacker needs to hack 4 switches on the 3 floors within a minute of starting, once done you return to the first switch you hacked on the lowest floor and press all 4 buttons on the wall behind the switch within a few seconds of each other (if done correctly the lights around the buttons will flicker).

-After this you need to hack the excavator. You’ll need to open tunnel six (it’s a purple colour) so once the excavator is cutting through tunnel six shut it down and head towards the M16, there you will see an egg. Naturally follow your instincts and knife that mofo and follow it (knifing it every time it stops) until it reaches the satellite dish on the roof of the moon base). Once it’s on the roof shoot the satellite dish with the wave gun to knock the egg down to tunnel 11 where you’ll keep opening the doors as the egg moves to the pyramid (it will at some point get stuck in a nook in the roof just shoot it out with a ray gun or grenade).

-Once it reaches the pyramid it will slot into the front symbol thingy and a tube will appear on the corner. Fill that tube by killing zombies near it and flip the switch on the wall next to it which will suck the goop into the pyramid, opening it (giving another Achievement – Cryogenic Slumber Party) revealing a creepy ass little girl and giving the player a Death Machine for 90 seconds.

-Next retrieve the plates, basically go back to Earth and look right, there will be two odd looking plates on the rack, shoot them off with a ray gun or grenades then lob a Gersch Device at them to suck them to the Teleporter pad. Teleport back to space and throw a QED at the plates which will put them on a rack next to a computer in the corner of the room.

-Find a pipe (it looks out of place so is relatively ease to find) on one of the three floors that the 4 switches were on earlier, pick it up and attach it to the computer with the plates. Now whoever is Richtofen will put the Golden Rod between the plates head over to the computer next to it and mash the action button until the Computer Screen stays Green (it initially shows red and flashes green), the Golden Rod now turns Purple and then take the Rod over to the Pyramid and put it into the front (where the egg is).

-Now four tubes will appear on each corner so naturally you will fill the tubes with Zombie goop by killing them near the Pyramid, once filled you then flip the switch (same one as the last time you filled the tube). Whoever is Richtofen will need to pick up the Golden/Purple Rod (that player will now have all 8 perks), head back to play Samantha Says three times (must complete it all three times) and you will see three Rockets appear around the base.

-Finally head down to the Pyramid and throw a QED (Quantum Entanglement Device) at the egg (if done successfully the egg will disappear), now head back to Samantha Says where the egg now is, throw a Gersch Device at the egg, once it’s sucked into the Black Hole a voice over will tell you that you have completed the mission, now sit back and enjoy what you have done.


The Story: From the radios we learn that Richtofen along side a Dr Schuster have perfected teleportation on a micro scale, however Dr Maxis sidelines the idea in order to focus on the war and completing the Nazi weapon contracts. Richtofen disobeys his orders and continues to work on the Teleportation device. He becomes the first test subject in human teleportation and gets transported to a mysterious pyramid in a breathable cave (we later find out this is the pyramid located on the moon). Shortly after touching the Pyramid he gets teleported to the Jungle and Shangri-La, this could possibly be where he is firstly attacked by and then rules the locals or where he leads the Nazis back to. For two years Richtofen and a breakaway group in 935 have worked on a secret project, which Richtofen reveals to be around the Pyramid. He has found many Vril artefacts around the Moon and believes the Pyramid to be a gateway to the Aether. Dr Groph leads the project on the Griffon Moon base to discover how the Pyramid works, whilst Richtofen resumes his work back at Group 935. In some Audio reels we discover that the Pyramid gains energy from organisms being killed around it, so Richtofen sends ‘subjects’ to be used to fill up the tubes. Before Richtofen can ‘take care’ of Dr Maxis and join the Moon base Samantha Maxis somehow accesses the base and starts destroying equipment (possibly the tubes). It seems she is taken into the Pyramid and Dr Maxis is summoned in an attempt to persuade her to leave. However Maxis tells Samantha to “kill them…all” before a gunshot is heard (probably killing Maxis, possible suicide so he can also join Samantha in the Aether) before Samantha becomes enraged. At this point Samantha basically becomes omnipotent and becomes an ethereal voice through many of the maps. During the Easter Egg we encounter Samantha in the Pyramid but also other storylines start to take form. After placing the plates and Golden Rod on the computer terminal SOPHIA is interrupted by Maxis, who appears to be talking directly to Richtofen, suggesting that this is not a pre-recording but actually Maxis talking from beyond the grave through a computer. During this conversation Maxis pleads with Richtofen to help the humans, not destroy them, and also begs for Richtofen to not harm Samantha. During the second round of tube filling Samantha will start threatening Richtofen directly, talking of destroying him and anyone who helps, speaking of his judgement in the afterlife. After the Golden Rod has been put into the MPD you can see two wisps swapping between Richtofen and Samantha (possibly the souls), at this point Samantha asks her Father for help. Now Richtofen talks in the ethereal way that Samantha was talking earlier, and speaks of controlling them all (signifying a swap of Zombie control to Richtofen, Samantha is in Richtofen’s body whilst Richtofen is in the MPD. Maxis then comes over the loudspeaker asking the rest of the group to free him so he can stop Richtofen, this leads the players to play Samantha Says again and raise the Rockets as you follow Maxis’ instructions. Once you completed Samantha Says Maxis states he is in control of the station and wants to “sever Edwards’ [Richtofen] link with Earth”, and by this he means firing the Rockets at Earth killing all Zombies and leaving Richtofen powerless as there is no one to control. However an interesting little detail can be found back in Area 51, space has replaced the sky and Earth can be seen behind the Teleporter Hanger still exploding. So has Area 51 been moved from Earth? All evidence says yes but the “Why?” is unknown.


Join me next week when we cross over to Black Ops II and experience a new gamemode, TranZit.

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