Call of Duty Zombies For Idiots: Black Ops II & Green Run (6/17)

Black Ops II

Now the realm of Zombies has taken us way past the simple roots of just Nazi Zombies. There is a whole underworld that still isn’t covered by Maps, Easter Eggs, or even the hidden radios. By now those who have followed the story and have completed the previous Easter Eggs will be invested in this unravelling tale of the Nazis, betrayal, time-travel and all things supernatural. We kick off Treyarch’s next instalment with a Map that will redefine the Zombies franchise and take this story to a whole other level.


Green Run



Additions: In the sequel to Black Ops Treyarch decided to push Zombie players even further by introducing a new concept. This Zombies map can be played in a Campaign style called TranZit where the player will be completing objectives instead or just focussing on survival.

In Green Run there are 5 playable areas all connected by a Bus, a unique transport method to change the playing location. Another concept makes its debut in this map, the player can now hunt down parts within the map and create their own equipment, such as a wind Turbine to help open doors in the first section (the Bus Terminal) and power up devices such as perk machines (in a sense it is a portable power source).

A new enemy appears in the rather infuriating form of the Denizens, these irritating spawns of Satan appear when you are in-between playing areas and will hop onto your back in an attempt to literally claw your eyes out (it’s usually a good idea to have someone watching your back in this one). At the Diner you can find the parts to build a Zombie Shield, this can be used as a riot shield to beat back Zombies (one hit kill until round 20). It can be planted to distract and can even block hits when on the players back for when those dirty little bastards who hit you from behind. Be warned that after 15 hits the shield will break and a new one will need to be obtained from the workbench where you built it. A new weapon, the Galvaknuckles, is a melee weapon that at the cost price of 6000 points will kill all zombies in one hit until Wave 14. A new Perk, Tombstone, appears in the Power Station area, this perk will drop a Tombstone on the players death and if retrieved by the player all weapons and perks the player had when downed will be re-obtained.

Two new systems are introduced in this map; the Bank and the Weapon Locker. Once in the town section the players can trade points with one another at the Bank, allowing points to be distributed amongst the team to help lengthen the survival. The Weapon Locker allows players to store their favourite weapons so they can be collected later on or in new games. The Wonder Weapon for this map is the Jet Gun, this weapon must be built (after collecting the parts located in the Tunnel, near Tombstone Soda, in Nacht der Untoten in the corn fields, and in the Hunter’s Cabin) and will suck zombies toward you before grinding them up. However this weapon can break if overused and will need to be retrieved from the location you built it. Other buildable objects in this map include the Turret (all parts are found in the Farm section and the Turbine is needed to power the Turret), the Electric Trap (all parts found in the Power Station section again needs the Turbine to power it), the NAV table (this one is confusing as it links to several other Zombie maps, however all parts are found across the map and must be built under the Pylon between the Farm and Power Station), the Pack-a-Punch Machine (accessible by blowing up a series of doors and then using the Turbine to open a door, the Pack-a-Punch will need to be build by parts found in one room in the Town) and the Power Switch (instead of just finding the power in this map the player will need to build the switch from parts found around the Power Station).

A new Boss appears in this map in the form of the Avogadro. The Avogadro is released when the power is first switched on and can appear in all areas of the map except the tunnel, he appears with a thunderstorm overhead and can take the form of a humanoid or a ball of lightening. The only way to kill him is with and EMP grenade or several melee hits (Knife or Shield = 5 hits, Bowie Knife = 4, Galvaknuckles = 2).



Easter Egg: Now for the Easter Eggs, the first little Easter Eggs has nothing to do with the overall story but is a neat little addition. Hidden in the cornfield is the building in Nacht der Untoten (only the first floor is accessible).


The main Easter Egg follows the Tower of Babble Achievement or Trophy. Now just to make things a little more annoying Treyarch decided that simply doing one Easter Eggs wasn’t enough, therefore for this map they have created two different ways in which this Easter Egg can be done. It is split into Dr Maxis’ Path and Richtofen’s Path. Pick this carefully as the these two paths continue through the next two maps Die Rise and Buried (for example pick Maxis’ path if you want to complete the Maxis story line for all three). I will take you through both as they only really differ in certain areas. Both require 4 players, but it can be done with 2 if you are skilled enough.


Maxis’ Path

  • First you will need to turn on the power. Head to the Power Station section and open the entrance to the Power Lab (by opening the door to the outhouse), in the Lab collet the three parts to build the Power Switch and turn on the Power (this spawns the Avogadro which will be needed later).
  • Once turned on Dr Maxis will request that the power be turned off (this must be done after he finishes talking). Find the mystery box and get an EMP grenade (only one member of the team needs this).
  • Between the Farm and the Power Station (heading towards the Power Station) there will be an Electrical Pylon in the cornfield on the left (be warned the cornfield is a maze but the Pylon is visible in the background when the lightening flashes).
  • Next place two Turbines underneath the Pylon (inside two of the legs), Dr Maxis will start talking once you’ve done it correctly, then lead a Avogadro underneath the Pylon and kill it (the EMP will kill it in one hit but melee hits also work after a while).
  • Pick up the two Turbines (if they got destroyed then just pop back to where you first built them and have the two players who originally had them to pick up new ones). For this part everyone needs a Turbine, two players will need to place a Turbine under a lamp at the Bus Depot and another under the lamp at the Diner (the lamps will have a greenish light) and two more under the Pylons. All four will need to be placed at the same time.
  • If done correctly then the Achievement or Trophy will appear and the lamplight will turn orange.


Richtofen’s Path

  • For this Path one player must be Samuel as Richtofen will only talk to Samuel.
  • First follow the same steps as Maxis’ Path to turn on the Power and keep it on as Richtofen will only talk to you when the power is on.
  • Then assemble the Jet Gun (the parts are spread across the map around the Hunter’s Cabin (between Town and Power Station), the Nacht der Untoten building (in the Cornfield), the Tunnel (between Bus Depot and Diner) and near the Tombstone perk machine. The Jet Gun is built on the Workbench in the bar in Town.
  • Head to the Pylon mentioned in Maxis’ Path (in the Cornfield on the opposite side to the Nacht der Untoten) and shoot the Jet Gun underneath the Pylon until the Gun breaks.
  • Richtofen will then speak to Samuel and the players will need to kill zombies under the tower with explosive or the Ray gun until Richtofen says the power is too high.
  • -Now the next step requires EMP grenades and it is recommended that all players obtain the EMP grenades, but it can be done with two players, but this requires using a Denizen to teleport between lampposts. Once all four players have EMP grenades split up and have one person stand next to each of the four lamps that emit a green light, then have everyone simultaneously throw an EMP grenade at the lampposts (if done correctly the lights should turn blue and power lines going into the Pylon should be emitting blue light as well), Richtofen will talk to Samuel again and the Achievement or Trophy should appear.



The Story: Not too much is known about the story surrounding TranZit/Green Run. Many Theories have been developed estimating that the events take place around 2025 and that both the US and Soviets have some involvement. The events occur after Moon and we play as four survivors; Samuel, Misty, Marlton (you hear him in Nuketown), and Russman, You notice that even though the playable characters are different Richtofen and Maxis still run the show. Maxis communicates to the players through electrical devices (as he did in Moon) from the Aether. However Richtofen can only speak directly to Samuel, apparently through some telepathic means, we learn later that this is because Samuel has eaten Zombie flesh, and since Richtofen controls the Zombies he can somehow communicate with those who have consumed the flesh. We can learn from radio broadcasts and messages that both Richtofen and Maxis are contacting survivors across the US (possibly even the world) in order to get them to complete their tasks. Most groups have been met with division, as one side follows Maxis and the other Richtofen, leading to a divided group or the death of some members. One man warns of these voices and urges nearby survivors to come to given coordinates (leading to near Area 51) to assist keeping the Zombies at bay. However we know that the Pylon plays a part in Richtofen’s plan as both him and Maxis battle for control of the Pylon, which we later discover are linked to the Rift in Buried.

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