Call of Duty Zombies for Idiots: The Giant and Primis (13/17)

After a long break we are reunited with the original playable characters that started off this crazy zombies story, we pick up where Origins left off in the remake of Der Riese (which is German for The Giant). We are back with Dempsey, Nikolai, Richtofen and Takeo to take on this map once again, with 27 years (give or take) passing since we last saw these characters in Origins. As this map has technically gone backwards there are no new additions in terms of perks, weapons, buildables or enemies, however the player can obtain the Annihilator through the Easter Egg. So with nothing else to add here is the Easter Egg.

Easter Egg: Firstly Pack-a-Punch any weapon, then with the Pack-a-Punch directly behind you head through or open the door to the left. Head to the barricade face down an alley and shoot a metal panel in the distance, next to one of the back supports of the structure at the end of the alleyway. If done correctly some green orbs will fly up into the sky. Head to Teleporter ZA and underneath it there is a Furnace, go prone and shot the back right corner (there is a Monkey Bomb there but it is pretty hard to see in the dark), so shoot the Monkey Bomb and Dr Maxis should tell you you’ve found one (notice Maxis is talking to you not Samantha as in Der Riese). The second object to find and shoot is in the ZB Teleporter room, upon entering the room you will see two large vats of steaming water, the one on the left (near the opening leading outside) will contain a teddy bear (only visible if you jump up), time your shot and hit the teddy bear hidden in the vat, if hit Maxis will talk to you once again. Finally go to the Power Switch and look just above the fence out of the map, you will notice balconies and stairs running up the building, on the top floor (just below the left red Pylon behind the building) should be a glowing item to shoot, hitting it will make Maxis talk about a lit beacon. Go back to the Furnace room and in one of the large lit Furnaces should be the Annihilator.

-There is another Easter Egg to gain a secret perk (either Stamin-up or Deadshot Daiquiri). It’s fairly simple to do, just make sure the teleporters are working and you have 3 monkey bombs. For each of the three teleporters, activate them and as you are being teleported throw a Monkey Bomb at your feet so it is teleported with you. You will notice at the mainframe there are three small bulbs that light up red and green (if successfully used a Monkey Bomb in one teleporter). Once all three lights are green, press the large red flashing light to cause the Origins’ Robot to shoot a laser from off map onto the Der Riese sign and melt a pile of snow through the broken brick wall.


The Story

I will be referencing Primis and Ultimis in this part. These are just referring to the different dimensions the characters come from. Primis is from the Origins map and timeline, Ultimis is from the original World at War game.

Now we get into the Fractures Dimension. This is multiple dimensions that our crew pop in and out of in order to obtain certain items or perform certain tasks. This explains the hopping around and changing/lack of story around the next few maps.

Primis Richtofen returns from Morg City via a teleporter to Der Riese, re-joining the timeline just after Ultimis Richtofen has trapped Samantha and Maxis in the teleporter with Fluffy. At this point Primis Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai turn up and are confronting Ultimis Richtofen, in order to awaken their Ultimis selves. Primis Richtofen arrives via the teleporter and kills his Ultimis self. A fracture in time and space occur, causing the personalities of the Ultimis and Primis versions of the characters to merge. Since Richtofen has changed history (by killing Ultimis self) and the future story it is suggested he now controls the storyline, completely removing the events of Shi No Numa to Moon. Richtofen believes this is his chance to fix things. His idea to kill the Ultimis versions of the crew comes from Dr Maxis (from the House in Agartha) informing Richtofen that allowing the Ultimis versions to live would have catastrophic results

The 4 now fight off the Zombies during the playable events. During this Group 935 manage to escape the facility with Ultimis Dempsey. and finally light a beacon so that Maxis (the Origins version) can locate them and send a Giant Robot to assist and carry them to their next location. Griffin Castle.

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