BLACK OMEN FAIL – Chrono Trigger – Blind Playthrough – Part 21

BLACK OMEN FAIL – Chrono Trigger – Blind Playthrough – Part 21

So is Chrono Trigger the best game of all time? That’s what I keep hearing from people but I’ve never played it before so we’re gonna go on a journey and find out together how great this game really is.

Last time Crono was taken from us and is no longer in the crew. We start off today heading to the North Cape where we bump into Magus again who joins the team to help us defeat Lavos.

When we get back in the Epoch we are guided over to the Black Omen, the Ocean Palace that now seems to be floating in the sky. I’m pretty sure we are under levelled for that area because after scraping past the Mega Mutant boss battle we are killed very quickly!

So I’ll leave that area for now and head off to speak to Gaspar Guru of Time at the End of Times. He gives me an egg called Chrono Trigger and asks me to speak to Balthasar to find out about it’s use.

Back in the Keeper’s Dome in Proto Dome 2300 AD we talk to Balthasar again who tells us Crono could be revived at Death Peak but to do so we would first need to find Bekkler at a festival and get a clone of Crono…


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