Gamer Laughs At E3!!!


That’s right ladies and gents, Tyler Hull and I (Cameron Corliss) will be on the show floor at E3.

If you’ll be in or around the convention center, be sure to say hi. If you have any requests for footage you can contact us via Twitter or Facebook and we’ll make sure to get some of it for you.

You can also track us with our incessant bombing of your twitter feed! If you haven’t followed us yet, be sure to do so or you’ll miss the saucy pictures of Tyler and I eating cliff bars. Also, we’ll be giving away a ton of free goodies that we collect throughout our travels.

So be sure to say hello if you see us. Tyler will be polite and sociable while I hide in the corner spraying Lysol on everybody that dares get closer than 12 feet and hyperventilating into a brown bag.


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