Call of Duty Zombies For Idiots: Shangri La (4/17)

Additions: We meet two new enemies the Shrieker (which can distort the player’s vision if too close) and the Napalm Zombie (can burn the player and leaves behind a pool of Napalm harming anything near it). For weapons there is the exclusive Wonder Weapon (the 3179-JGB-215 or the “baby gun”), which miniaturises zombies making them easy to trample and the Spiked Claymore (Spikemore), which acts like a normal Claymore but will send spikes flying.


Easter Egg: Now for the longest rundown of getting to the Easter Egg, again 4 people needed for this one.

Prerequisites: Four players, Spikemores, a Ray Gun or explosive weapon, Pack-a-Punched Baby Gun (to get the Pack-a-Punch, a player must stand on each pressure plate near the spinning Totem, then the stair to the Pyramid will be lifted for a limited time)

-All of it must be done in eclipse mode, which is activated by pressing four stone tablets in the spawn area at the same time (located on each corner of the small square area in the middle near Quick revive). Eclipse mode will be needed for each step, so if it runs out just go back and reset Eclipse mode.

-Go to near the MPL wall buy, you should hear people talking, press the button nearby to get them to ask for help, this activates the next step

-Near the MPL pressure plates should spawn, with another group of plates spawning near the Mud Temple. Each plate will have a symbol (there are 12 plates in each section), the player near the MPL will step on a plate and the other player near the Mud Temple will need to find the pressure plate with the same symbol and step on it (the person on the first plate must step off the plate before the second person can step on their plate). Repeat this for all 12 plates, an audio cue and the emergence of the Focusing Crystal above the Spawn area should signify that you’ve done this correctly.

-Have 3 players go down the Waterslide and not move after they land, the fourth player needs to also go down the Waterslide, on the right of the slide there is a switch that now appears, the fourth person must hold the action button to hit the switch (some suggest this does not need to be done). Once the fourth person has landed on the Pressure Plate under the grate at the bottom of the slide, Eclipse mode should end and the step is complete.

-At the top of the waterslide there should be a Meteorite to the top right of the slide entrance, shoot it down with the Ray gun or an Explosive. Shrink the Meteor with the Baby Gun, knife the tiny ball and it will roll down the Waterslide and onto the Geyser. Step on the Geyser with the Meteor and it will shoot up onto its Pedestal.

-In the tunnel opposite the spinning Totem, next to the Pressure Plate that accesses the Pack-a-Punch, should be a wheel connected to gas pipes. Turn the wheel until you hear the characters talking about gas, look to the right and a gas leak can be seen on one part of the pipe. If you explore the map a little you will see that several more leaks have occurred (at the entrance to the cave, near the geyser, and two just before the Power Room). Lead a Napalm zombies close to each leak to set it on fire. Once done head to the Wheel your turned to start all this and pull the lever next to it.

-Two people need to get Spikemores for this step (as each player can only carry 2 and you will need 4). In the tunnel with the MP5k will be 4 small holes in the wall, plant a Spikemore opposite each one. Now lead a Napalm zombie (as it can take more damage) or several zombies through the tunnel causing each Spikemore to go off and plug the holes. Head through the tunnel and into the Waterfall pool, on one side of the central rock will be a button that says “Don’t Hold X [action button]”. Give into your inner demon and press the shit out of that button. If done correctly Eclipse mode will end.

-Now after Eclipse mode has been activated like every other step you will need to find 12 panels. These will be located on walls instead of the floor, there are 5 around the Spawn area, 2 in the Mud Temple, 2 near the Minecart area, 2 above geysers and 1 in the Power Room). Once all 12 have been knifed and lit up a Snare trap will appear outside the map near a building in the Minecart area, throw any explosive and blow it up. If it turns back to normal mode you have completed the step.

-In the Mud Temple should be four large dials with symbols on them. Upon entering the Temple from the Spawn area the dial directly to your left (the near side wall) should have 4 dots as the top symbol, the wall behind you (far wall left side) should have 2 dots as the top symbol, the near right dial should have 1 dot as the top symbol and the far right dial should have ‘ [ | Ÿ‘ as the top symbol. Once all those are done an audio cue should be heard and it turns back to normal mode. How to figure this out is pretty simple, there is a radio near the Snare Trap you exploded, it will say the number “16,1,3,4”, in that Temple each symbol represents a number; a dot is 1, a line is 5, and a bracket is 10.

– On the right of the stairs leading to Pack-a-Punch is a radio, playing it will give the message that one of the trapped explorers has lost their bag of Dynamite. You will find that bag on the Focusing crystal in the middle. To get this down you need the help of the 8 Gongs around the map. You will need to hit 4 of the Gongs for this, it randomises every map, but if you hit a Gong and the Crystals go red then it’s the wrong Gong. Find and hit the 4 correct Gongs. Once this is done shoot the Pack-a-Punched Baby Gun at the middle Crystal to cause it to drop Dynamite (a player will need to be underneath it and holding the action button to catch it).

– In the same Eclipse mode shoot the Crystal above the Mud Temple (from the Spawn area it’s hidden behind a palm tree) with the Pack-a-Punched Baby Gun. The shot will bounce off the Crystals and cause the Meteorite above the Pack-a-Punch to shrink and fall. Now Eclipse mode cannot be activated.

-Activate the stairs up to Pack-a-Punch and go up to the wall to give the Dynamite to the trapped explorers. They will tell you to get back and you will get pushed off the Temple. Activate the stairs again and climb up to see the wall is gone and the Meteorite can be picked up, ending the Easter Egg.

-This process can be repeated in the same game to allow all players to collect the Focusing Stone (it will need another 3 completed Easter Eggs), a radio will now appear at the bottom of the Temple stairs. Listening to it will allow the players to enter Eclipse mode once again and therefore the steps can be restarted.


The Story: The trapped explorers you meet are Brock and Gary, these British explorers originally found Shangri-La in an attempt to discover a gateway to Agartha (a city in the centre of the Earth inhabited by ‘perfect humans’). During the exploration of the ruins they are trapped by a cave-in, however Gary soon dies and Brock fears for his life (found in the first radio). Although when you free them from the cave Gary seems to be alive and kicking, confused? This is because all steps for the Easter Egg are done in Eclipse mode, which essentially sends the players back to the past and alters reality (this is also why new radios randomly appear around the map). So you technically save Gary’s life, go you! After obtaining the Golden Rod the Original Crew teleports to Shangri-La from the future. Anyway back to Gary and Brock, from the rest of the radio we learn that they discover the Focusing Stone on an Alter, which is engraved “Richtofen”, but upon taking the stone they are sent back to the moment they entered Shangri-La (without any knowledge of what just happened). This is also why the Easter Egg can be done several times in each game, because taking the Focusing Stone sends the Original Crew back to the start of the game. I’m sure you are curious what Richtofen has to do with the Focusing Stone. Well this goes a little deeper than just a few hidden radio messages, it goes into the world of the ‘Black Sun’ (basically Nazis mixed with Illuminati) whose symbol can be seen during the loading screen (also a few Swastika looking symbols about). Anyway the Nazis used time-travel (there is a huge backstory to this for those interested in the Vril) to search for Agartha and control the hugely advanced humans living there. They ended up in Shangri-La whilst there was still a living population there, who were ordered into making these carvings to honour the Nazis (one of them being Richtofen). The 115 Element brought through by the Nazis eventually turned them into Zombies.

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