Twisted Bard Gaming Podcast

Twisted Bard Gaming Podcast 13: Which IP should die?

Paddy, Dylan, Ali & special guest Sam push on with the Twisted Bard Gaming Podcast by talking about what IP they think should die. Dylan shows the rest of the cast what it means to be utterly disinterested in a franchise. They continue their weekly discussion on microtransactions and lootboxes, can they be done right?

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Gold Gaming Podcast E20: Josh Holmes Leaves 343 Industries! Forza Horizon 3 Update! Hope for Fable?!

On this episode of the Gold Gaming Podcast Dylan and Tyler discuss Josh Holmes exit from 343 Industries and what that could mean for the Halo Franchise! Forza Horizon 3…

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Retro Reviews Reviews

Halo Retrospective

Christmas 2002; I’m 15 and, barring the conclusion of Star Trek: Voyager, life is going relatively well. I’ve spent the majority of the year chasing girls, dreaming of becoming a wrestler, and worrying about…

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Halo 5 Review

Ah Sci-Fi, the nerdiest of the genres. I appreciate 343 industries attempt to bring Halo into the modern age, despite what all you cunts think. People get pissed over any changes but when Half Life 3 sucks ass because you can’t commit murder at anything faster than a leisurely jog you’ll understand why…

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