Super Probotector – One Life Review (Feat. ScouseMouse)

One Life Review, 3 bards challenge themselves to complete as many games as they can using only a single life! This week we have a very special guest and one our favourite YouTubers ScouseMouse. Can he make it to the end of the Super Probotector (aka Contra III: The Alien Wars) without dying and earn himself some major bragging rights?

Don’t forget to check out ScouseMouse’s channel where he does a variety of let plays and streams, covering new games and old. Really nice chap so we definitely recommend you add him to you subscription list and join him for his streams!

ScouseMouse’s Channel Link:

If you want to know a place to start, go for part 1 of his Dark Souls 2 blind playthrough!

Have you played on Super Probotector or any of the Contra series? Do you think you could have done better? Let us know what you think of it!

If there is a game you’d like us to play on One Life Review, just let us know in the comments, we love fan requests!

Music Credits:
Guile’s Theme Metal / EDM Remix ft. FamilyJules7X – A_Rival – HeadBangers Bonus Track – GameChops

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