Today we must go street fighting for cash in order to raise enough money to get a meeting with Ren of Heavens

Welcome to a FULL playthrough of Sega’s greatest fracnhise and indeed possibly the best game ever made, a timeless classic from the Dreamcast, Shenmue 2.

We’re back in Aberdeen on the hunt for Ren of Heavens… but not before that dude appears in Pigeon Park trying to get me to buy a photograph, thankfully Joy comes to my rescue.

Down at the docks someone tells me to check out Beverly Hills Wharf if I wanna find Ren, and it only cost me $10. A short trip down there and I realised there’s no way they’re gonna let me in through the front door.

Thankfully I can show you how to get into Beverly Hills Wharf. We need to pop up the red staircase inside Worker’s Pier which leads to the Blue Sky Beer Garden. Inside there’s a guy playing darts who tells us to check out Warehouse 8 at 7pm.

We walk into a gang of Heavens members, give them a good battering and get them to take me to Beverly Hills Wharf. Once we get there, there’s another trap waiting for us and this time it’s too much for Ryo. We take a beating and wake up to find Wong tending to us on a little boat in Beverly Hills Wharf, then he gives us the Heavens lighter which will gain us access to their hideout.

A whole lot of fighting later, we make our way to Cool Z who tells us he’ll get us a meeting with Ren as long as we pay $500 but we only have $204. There lots of different ways of making money but we choose to do it by fighting Yan Ren.

We pay up the $500 and meet Ren but we get ambushed AGAIN, but that doesn’t stop us going after Ren again, so we find him in Pigeon Park. He runs off so we gotta chase him down during a very long QTE. Eventually we catch him, he finds out about the Phoenix mirror, tells us Yuanda Zhu is in Kowloon and agrees to help us because he thinks he can make some money out of it.


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