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In a fleeting attempt to appeal to the masses, we decided to start throwing together some lists. Life is better when it’s arranged into little lists, according to our focus groups anyway….

7 Games That Redefined Their Genre

Every now and again, a game comes along that completely changes its genre going forward. Here are 7 games that (more…)

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7 Video Games Where you Can Be a Complete B*stard

Games like to give us choices, and more often than not you find you have an option to be a (more…)

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7 Video Games Where You Play as a Complete B*stard

Playing the hero is fun and that, but sometimes gaming likes to throw into the role of someone who is (more…)

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Our 5 Favourite Cinematic Video Game Trailers of All Time

As much as they can mislead us, video game trailers can make or break an upcoming title. Over the years (more…)

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9 Video Games that are Greedy Greedy B*stards

The business side of the gaming industry has been in the spotlight more than it likes to be in the (more…)

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7 Worst Video Game Characters to Share a 2 Bed Apartment With

House sharing can be a mixed bag, but living with some people is just unbearable, we wasted a whole day (more…)

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7 Video Games with the Best Combat Mechanics

Combat Mechanics are a big part of gaming, some do it better than others, here’s our 7 Video Games with (more…)

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7 Most Disappointing Video Games of 2017

2017 had some ups and downs for gaming, and in this video we celebrate the very worst video games of (more…)

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7 Best Video Games of 2017

2017 had some ups and downs for gaming, but in that mess we got some really great games, here’s our (more…)

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