Our Bards

Paddy McCaul

Chief Animal Handler
The Beardiest Bard, whose origins are completely unknown, not completely unlike Wolverine. PS4 player to the bone, Paddy can get a little triggered over anything, so we grant his every whim in order to appease his overbearing agenda. But his voice is so grounded and alluring that we allow his opinions to be heard.

Paddy can be found on One Life Review, Our Lists, TBG Podcasts and a few interesting little written bits.

Rob Beckett

Minister of Galactic Affairs & Trade
Rob is old as fuck, legend says he's survived two World Wars by the virtue of pure stubbornness. But he's got plenty of consoles and a clear passion for video games.

You can find Rob in Stuttering Through, One Life Review, TBG Podcast, Our Lists & he sometimes bangs out an written piece or 2.

Alastair Roberts

Head of Science
Alastair doesn't really belong on this website, he's only played 2 games in the past 12 months and has the debating skills of a carrot. But more importantly Ali is really rich, like aristocracy level rich, so we keep him about to keep the lights on. He also brings to the table puns, really shit puns.

You can find Alastair in One Life Review, TBG Podcast, Our Lists and a few written pieces.

Dylan James Hackworth

Tidal & Nautical Consultant
Dylan has a voice that could melt butter, it could melt butter and spread itself on your toast. You'd eat that toast with a warm pleasing feeling that only really well buttered toast can appease. He also our Nintendo guy, every site needs one of them... You can find Dylan bringing the butter on the TBG Podcast.

Jordi Steel

Ambassador of Scotland
With a name like a shit 80's action hero, wee little Jordi (whose actually really fucking tall) is excitable to the point of being slightly annoying, but we wouldn't have him any other way. (We would totally have him in any other way). Avid gamer across platforms and self proclaimed creative genius you can find Jordi on the TBG Podcast, guest spots on One Life Review & the occasional written piece.

Jon Turner

Director of Racial Tension
Jon didn't even really want to join Twisted Bard Gaming, he's just some bloke we asked to help us with a few bits on the website. But since joining us Jon has invaded our content, spreading his hate speech a little further with each contribution he makes. You will find Jon on the TBG Podcast and guest spotting on One Life Review.

James Dickinson

Chimney Sweeper
So little is known about the enigma that is James Dickinson, the only thing that we can be certain of is that he communicates based on both audio sensory and visual stimuli, further experiments are to be carried out in order to determine origin, gender and most importantly sexual preference. James can be found on the TBG Podcast.

Danial Aziz

Head of Paternal Care
Danial doesn't really talk to us, he just swings in on a breezy Sunday afternoon, hits us with a banging article, then disappears into the horizon in his 90's red convertible. This arrangement works fine for us. Danial contributes PlayStation focused articles, give them a read

Jorge Olivares

President of the Woodland Tree People
Nodody talks to Jorge anymore, not since the great fire back in 96. We lost 17 Bards in that fire, 9 of which we liked. Jorge is great company but should never be left alone with 17 cans of kerosene and a box of matches. You have been warned. Jorge writes the occasional article for us, and he does a cracking job doing it.

The Rest of the Twisted Bard Gaming Team…

Aiden Botfield

Tyler Hull

Benny Gurov

Sam Myerson

Matthew Linder

Scott Nicholson

Benjamin Turpin


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