Moirai – A social experiment disguised as an indie game?

Did you ever go to Steam, bored out of your mind, trying to find an interesting free indie game to try?

That happens to me occasionally.
But since the Steam Free to Play section’s flooded with crappy platformers made by children, Clickers, free VR games (that I can’t afford a system for) and MMO’s I’m never going to touch, It’s been hard finding something that’ll actually interest me.

Then I stumbled over a game called Moirai.



It looks just like any other crappy pixelated FPS and I almost skipped it, but something caught my eye at the corner of the store page. Something felt wrong…

In the corner, it said “Overwhelmingly Positive user reviews”?!
Almost every review said something in the lines of:
“Stop reading this, just download and play, it’s free and it’ll take 10 minutes.”

So I did, not knowing what to expect at this point, and I was caught off-guard by what this really is.




I recommend the same thing: just look it up on Steam, ignore the user reviews because they either say “just play it” or give spoilers. It’s free and you can beat it in 4 minutes.
(All i can say is that it could get creepy, but there’s no jumpscares)


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