MASTER IN BLUE – Shenmue 2 | Part 4

MASTER IN BLUE – Shenmue 2 | Part 4

Today we discover the rest of the four wude, and finally meet Lishao Tao at Man Mo Temple, a master in blue

Welcome to a FULL playthrough of Sega’s greatest fracnhise and indeed possibly the best game ever made, a timeless classic from the Dreamcast, Shenmue 2.

After learning JIE, the first wude, we are off on a mission to discover the other three, so firstly it’s off the speak to the Tai Chi master on Lotus Park.

Jianmin, the Tai Chi master in Lotus Park, teaches us the move Iron Palm and tells us of the second wude, GON, to train everyday without neglect, then it’s off to bed for the night.

The next day I head back to the Guang Martial Arts School who tells me to speak to Zhangyu, a barber in Three Blades Street of the Lucky Charm Quarter. He teaches us the third wude, Dan, to be brave and calm to make the right decision.

The barber sends us off to Bloom Tailor who might be able to help us with the final wude. The tailor can’t help me himself but he sends me off to meet Guixiang in the Yan Tin Apartments. After beating up some thugs who were harrassing the little old lady from earlier, we find out she is Guixiang and she teaches us the final wude, to act without hesitation to do what is right, but she can’t recall it’s name.

Back at Man Mo Temple we have to sneak inside and then find ourselves offering to clean soot off the walls where we discover the name of the fourth and final wude, YI. After finding the the four wude, we speak to the old man at the temple and tell him of our plans to avenge our father’s death, only to find out that the lady we’ve seen around the temple a few times is actually Lishao Tao. She tells us we only possess GON and DAN at the moment so are not ready to be helped.

We spar with Lishao Tao for a while and she makes it clear that we are no where near ready to take on Lan Di right now, but she does offer to let us stay at her apartment


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