CUTE CAVE WOMAN – Chrono Trigger – Blind Playthrough – Part 10

CUTE CAVE WOMAN – Chrono Trigger – Blind Playthrough – Part 10

So is Chrono Trigger the best game of all time? That’s what I keep hearing from people but I’ve never played it before so we’re gonna go on a journey and find out together how great this game really is.

Last time we got the legendary sword, the Masamune, but it’s broken and needs to be repaired. We also got the Gate Key but I’m not quite sure where to use it yet.

After a bunch of wondering around lost we stumble into the Cursed Woods and find a secret underground home under a bush where we meet Frog again! Frog gives us another piece of the broken sword, Masamune which is engraved with the name Melchior.

Melchior tells us that the sword could possibly be repaired but to do so would require a very rare red rock that can no longer be found… so it’s 65 millions years back in the past we go to try and find some.

As soon as we get there we get ambushed but thankfully the chief of the nearby village, Ayla, comes to our rescue. She invites our friends and I into camp where we get invited to a caveman party to eat, drink and dance. When we wake up the morning Lucca’s time travelling machine has been stolen so we have no way to get home! We leave Lucca behind at camp and Ayla joins the crew.

In the Forest Maze we find out that Kino stole it but she’s now lost it to the Reptites so it’s time to go hunting down the Reptite Lair. Finally we come head to head with Azala, the head of the reptites and he sends out a huge rhino boss at us called Nizbel.

We end the episode back at the End of Times and next time we’re gonna head back to Melchior with our red rock and see if we can start rebuilding the Masamune.


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