CAN YOU CATCH A FALLING LEAF? – Shenmue 2 | Part 5

CAN YOU CATCH A FALLING LEAF? – Shenmue 2 | Part 5

Today we must go to work in the Man Mo Temple Library and practice catching 3 falling leaves before Lishao Tao will give us access to the Wulinshu.

Welcome to a FULL playthrough of Sega’s greatest fracnhise and indeed possibly the best game ever made, a timeless classic from the Dreamcast, Shenmue 2.

Now that we’ve discovered who Lishao Tao is, she has agreed to let us stay at her apartment. The next morning we are awoken by Fangmei, Lishao Tao’s assistant, who tells us we need to head over to the Man Mo Temple Library.

At the library Lishao Tao asks us to air out the books, a task we will need to do every morning to clear our mind and to repay Lishao Tao for letting us stay at her apartment.

For now Lishao Tao will not tell us anything about Yuanda Zhu so we must seek him out ourselves, but not before the man from Man Mo Temple gives us a new move scroll for the Horseshoe Kick.

A lady in the streets tells us that Yuanda Zhu wrote a book called the Wulinshu and I should check out Wise Men’s Kung Fu who might have a copy. Unfortunately he doesn’t, but he tells met he only copy that exists is in the Man Mo Temple Library.

Master Tao has gone home for the evening so we must return tomorrow, air out the books again and then see if we can find the Wulinshu. We show our martial arts skills to the monk at Man Mo Temple and in return he teaches us a new move called Lunging Strike.

Inside the library we see that the Wulinshu is inside a locked cabinet but Lishao Tao will not give us the key until we calm ourselves and concentrate on catching 3 falling leaves from the tree. With much focus we pull it off and she sticks to her word and gives us the key.

Inside the book we hear mention of the man Lan Di said our father killed, and find a slip of paper mentioning Yuanda Zhu that we must try to decipher.


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