Book Of Demons First Impressions

Disclaimer: This game is in early access so these opinions are at the time of playing

Book Of Demons is an early access isometric, randomly generated dungeon crawler with deck building mechanics to improve your chances as you work your way down to hell.

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In the Book Of Demons you are tasked with working your way down levels of dungeons on your way to hell, as you loot cards for your hero to get stronger. You kill monsters that have different mechanics which are based on their race. For example, the undead explode when killed and gargoyles can heal themselves and become indestructible by turning to statue form. There is a lot of mechanical depth with the enemies and bosses for a game in early access. It feels really fleshed out and looks like it is going to have a promising development.


As you go down to the next level of the dungeon you can choose the size of the level. Smaller rooms will be conquered easier but yield less loot and gold, whereas the longer ones will take longer but yield much more. This is by far my favourite mechanic in any dungeon crawler I’ve ever seen. I love that you can make the game harder by making the dungeons tiny so there will be less stuff for you.

But who are you? Well you are the hero who needs to get to hell through a massive amount of dungeons. With the typical RPG class system you start as a warrior for your first go and then you unlock the mage quite early on. There is also a rogue class coming soon. What is also great is that you can go back to the menu and select the mage and play as him while keeping the progress on the warrior class. The combat is very simple yet as you play there are more mechanics to keep in mind. The way you attack is simply click on the enemy when they are in range. But, more challenges such as shields and undead come in later on.


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There is a hand at the bottom of the screen which holds your cards. These cards are items, spells and passive abilities. You have a limited amount of cards you can equip with unlock slots available back in town. The mana system works in the sense that spells will have a cost on your mana that can recover but passive abilities will cripple your max mana leaving you with less maximum mana to use for your spells.

I am yet to run into any “early access” stuff in Book Of Demons and I’m quite impressed with how complete it feels. I can’t wait to see what new mechanics and features enter Book Of Demons as there is so much potential for it. More cards, heroes, enemies, dungeon types, bosses. It’s endless and I can’t wait.

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