BIGGEST GUY IN KOWLOON – Shenmue 2 | Part 8

BIGGEST GUY IN KOWLOON – Shenmue 2 | Part 8

Get ready to meet the biggest guy in Kowloon, he’s huge!!

Welcome to a FULL playthrough of Sega’s greatest fracnhise and indeed possibly the best game ever made, a timeless classic from the Dreamcast, Shenmue 2.

We start off today heading to Man Mo Temple to say farewell to our friend, Lishao Tao and learn much along the way. Her brother, Ziming, left when they were both children to find their parents’ murderer, just like us. He went off to join the Chiyoumen to find them, which explains why Lishao is so desperate to make sure we don’t also follow the path of evil. Before we leave she teaches us one more move to help on our journey, Counter Elbow Assault. Fangmei catches up with us and gives us a photo of everyone at Man Mo Temple.

Then it’s off to the hustle and bustle of Kowloon, a brand new huge area to explore. As soon as we arrive we meet up with Cool Z who takes us to Ren’s Hideout. Ren takes us off to the Great View Building to visit Yang’s Herb Shop and he arranges a meeting for us with Yuanda Zhu at the Dancing Dragon Building, as long as we use the password Dragons Don’t Sleep.

We arrive there as planned but it’s yet another trap and we come face to face with the leader of the Yellow Heads, Dou Niu, Ren’s rival. Ren tries to come to our rescue but we both end up getting battered and handcuffed together. We manage to get out of the room we’re locked in but because we’re handcuffed we have to work together to get out of the building. We find our way to the rooftop and sleep there till morning, hoping they will have stopped looking for us. The next morning we try to escape but Dou Niu is still on the hunt for us and we’re in for a pretty close call.

Ren finds out that it’s Lan Di we’re hunting down and gives us a bit more info about Yuanda and the Chiyoumen. We just about make it out of the Yellow Head’s hideout then Wong uses his lockpick skills to get us out of the handcuffs.


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