BEST SEGA GAME EVER – Shenmue | Part 1

Strap yourself in for the best Sega game ever!!

Welcome to a FULL playthrough of Sega’s greatest game and indeed possibly the best game ever made, a timeless classic from the Dreamcast, Shenmue.

The game starts with the lead character, Ryo Hazuki, running home on his 18th birthday to find it’s been attacked. Heading to the family dojo he finds 2 men in black suits and a mysterious man known as Lan Di fighting with his father over a dragon mirror.

After witnessing Lan Di murder his father, Iwao Hazuki, Ryo is determined to seek revenge and discover more about the dragon mirror and why Lan Di killed him. The only thing he has to go on is a few details about Lan Di, the 2 men in black suits and a black car that was outside of his house that day.

Along the way today we’ll help feed an orphaned kitten, help an elderly lady and get some information on the black car from Yamagashi-San, our love interest Nozomi, and Tom at the hotdog stand.


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