ANOTHER PRISON ESCAPE – Chrono Trigger – Blind Playthrough – Part 15

ANOTHER PRISON ESCAPE – Chrono Trigger – Blind Playthrough – Part 15

So is Chrono Trigger the best game of all time? That’s what I keep hearing from people but I’ve never played it before so we’re gonna go on a journey and find out together how great this game really is.

Last episode we defeated Azala and the Black Tyrano, but then I think that means Lavos was released upon the world.

In the ruins of the lair that were left behind there was a time portal that took us to a snowy time period. A trip into the Skyway seems to take me up into the clouds on floating islands and to the Zeal Kingdom.

Inside Zeal Palace we discover they have Lavos trapped and are using him to absorb power from him. We’d love to have a chat with the Queen but she’s in the underwater palace and we can’t get in.

Using out pendant on the trapped Lavos means we can gain access to the Queen’s throne room but in there we get absolutely battered by Golem.

We are put in a prison cell just like Lavos then it’s time for another prison escape as the prince and princess, Janus and Schala, release us and allow us to escape. Befoer we can escape though we are caught and the prophet agrees to let us leave as long as we go back through the time portal and that Schala seals it behind us so we may never return…


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